Today was a pretty awesome low key day. This whole weekend has been awesome. A few posts back I wrote about my really short attention span. A friend of mine commented that it wasn’t that I had a short attention span but that I just hadn’t found my God given purpose yet. Those weren’t the exact words but it was something along those lines. I always thought my purpose was my career… Kids. I love kids. I love working with them and teaching them and watching the grow. Kids are AWESOME. Well my friends comment stuck with me. “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” Well while sitting in church today God revealed it to me. It was the coolest thing. I am a helper. My purpose is to serve and to help those that need it. The first two Saturdays of every month I serve at the Brooklyn Teen Challenge food pantry. I have been doing it for MONTHS now and I LOVE IT!!! I have become so close with the staff and some of the students in the program. I have even grown to know and love on the people from the community that come in. God gave me a heart to serve my community and it brings me joy to know that I am helping even if its just a little. I want to thank my community group( Liberty City) for inviting me in and letting me be a part of something great. All of this is possible for me because of my community group.During the holidays I make scarves for those in need and I just randomly hand them out to the homeless that I pass in train stations or on the streets. The family that I work for, I would do anything for. It’s not about the money.I just love being a helping hand because they need it. I am a helper. Thats why I am here. I am here to help and share the love of God. To make people smile and to give back without expecting anything in return. Thats what life is about. That is why I am here. I will help whoever I can whenever I can. Whats your purpose??


Author: singleinbrooklynblog

I am a 30 something year old woman living in Brooklyn NY. I am originally from Dallas TX but do not see myself moving back any time in the near future. I have a love for all food especially when it can be delivered to my apartment. I love running OCR even though I am the slowest person out there. I have a short attention span (why NY is the ideal place for me). I am silly, sarcastic, optimistic, easy going and fun. I am also very single and I must say that I am enjoying my Single In Brooklyn life.

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