I made it back from Texas and my body clock is all kinds of out of whack. I am so damn happy its a 3 day work week. Do you know what I am doing tomorrow when I get home from work??? NOT A DAMN THING!!! I am not turning on my laptop, I am not reading, I am not turning on my music. I AM going to turn on my fan. I am going to shower. I AM going to pop two bendadryl and then IM.GOING.TO.SLEEP!!! Thats right people… My bed is calling my name and LOUD!!! You know you are getting old when you look forward to DAYS of sleeping rather than days of partying. Saturday I have volunteer and then there is an awesome jazz concert thats going on in Brooklyn that I sort of want to go to but on the other hand… SLEEP!!! Enough said!!! Sleep might win out for Saturday. In the words of my boss “You are never going to meet anyone just by going home and sleeping” You know what? I could gave a rats hairy booty about meeting someone right now!!!


Author: singleinbrooklynblog

I am a 30 something year old woman living in Brooklyn NY. I am originally from Dallas TX but do not see myself moving back any time in the near future. I have a love for all food especially when it can be delivered to my apartment. I love running OCR even though I am the slowest person out there. I have a short attention span (why NY is the ideal place for me). I am silly, sarcastic, optimistic, easy going and fun. I am also very single and I must say that I am enjoying my Single In Brooklyn life.

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