Magic Monday

How do I begin to describe our Monday? The Best!! You know how long it’s been since I was able to say ” I love Monday!!!” Monday Rocks!!!!” Hold up… I don’t think I have ever said that I really truly loved a Monday. YOOOOOOOO I woke up the other day and damn near screamed “I LOVE YOU MONDAY!!!!” My Monday began with a 4a wake up. Seriously…Jana and I popped up like spring loaded zombies. We put on swimsuits, made coffee, put coffee in mugs,marched ourselves to the beach, and parked in in the sand to watch the sun come up. During this early morning adventure… I had my own adventure called ” Khrys needs a bathroom ASAP.” Kona coffee is amazing however it is also a pipe cleaner for me.Yeeeaaaahhh buddy!! I took off like grease lightning!!!! Like horror movie style. Ya girl was frantic!!! I ran to the public bathroom near by only to FIND THE GATES LOCKED!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!  I ran to the hotel near by… Bathroom locked!! LORD JESUS WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?  I’m at the end of my potty rope… Ended up talking to the waiter who hooked me up with the janitor who unlocked the bathroom for me. YES LAWD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!


Lets to go back to the sunrise shall we?? It was amazing!!!! God is the ultimate creator like seriously. The wonder from total darkness to light is just pure magic!!! Jana and I grabbed two chairs, parked them damn near in the water, and called it a damn day.

When we parked our chairs
Soaking up the sun
The sun was AMAZING
Jana says What’s up
Hey hey hey



We sat out there flipping over every 20 minutes like some rotisserie chickens!! Then the unthinkable happened… It down poured. What do you do?!?!?! Go to the convenience store and stock up on snacks, booze and coffee. After chilling for a bit I came up with the brilliant idea to go to the other side of the island to boogie board. Two words… EPIC FAIL!!! It took us 45 minutes to get there by Uber and then it got cold and rained even harder. They weren’t renting boogie boards so we were just standing there. What do you do??? Go get Shave Ice and then TACOS!!! After tacos we hiked to the bus stop and waited for what seemed like an eternity but the bus finally arrived.


After the longest bus ride ever we had just enough time to sit, change clothes, want a nap, snack, and then be presentable before epic easy went down. JAYE ARRIVED!!!! JAYE is PURE energy personified. She is the most amazing life force. When I say Shenanigans commenced… That’s an understatement. You want to know how we celebrated?!?!?!? Walked to the beach, sat in the cove, unloaded all beer and mixed drinks, drank all beer and mixed drinks, laughed, relaxed, talked, laughed and enjoyed the amazingness around us. This was JUST the beginning.






Author: singleinbrooklynblog

I am a 30 something year old woman living in Brooklyn NY. I am originally from Dallas TX but do not see myself moving back any time in the near future. I have a love for all food especially when it can be delivered to my apartment. I love running OCR even though I am the slowest person out there. I have a short attention span (why NY is the ideal place for me). I am silly, sarcastic, optimistic, easy going and fun. I am also very single and I must say that I am enjoying my Single In Brooklyn life.

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