When You’re Tired

I know I come off as this super chirpy smart ass individual… because I am. But what a lot of people don’t see is that I am tired. Its not even a tired from being physical. Its like I am totally just mentally and emotionally drained. You know what sucks the life out of you?? This world that we live in. This toxic environment that we are exposed to daily on a non stop basis.  The kicker about all of this shit is that I am not surprised. The state of our country is no surprise to me. Its not even that I could see this shit coming… Its more like I could feel it. Energy is real people!!! Im trying to hang on the the good positive light that I try to put out for the world… but sometimes its hard to put something out that you don’t really feel yourself. I need to meditate… somethings gotta give.


OAN: Tomorrow is Friday!!! You know what I am doing when I get home?? Im going to sleep. Thats what I am going to do. First I am going to put in an order at Amazon.com and then Im going to sleep. Thats all I want to do. I know Im supposed to be going out and being social but my spirit is off. Something is off. I feel off. The only way that I can fix that is by meditating and going to sleep… and maybe finishing my box of lemon popsicles.

Author: singleinbrooklynblog

I am a 30 something year old woman living in Brooklyn NY. I am originally from Dallas TX but do not see myself moving back any time in the near future. I have a love for all food especially when it can be delivered to my apartment. I love running OCR even though I am the slowest person out there. I have a short attention span (why NY is the ideal place for me). I am silly, sarcastic, optimistic, easy going and fun. I am also very single and I must say that I am enjoying my Single In Brooklyn life.

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