Damn I’m Getting Old

This week I have been off from work. I have had no obligations to ANYONE for an entire week!!! Do you know how awesome that feels? OHHHHH MAHHHH GAAAAAAHHHH! What have I done for a week?? Joined a gym, slept, ate, drank a little, indoor rock climbing, ate, slept, slept, drank, oh and got massages. Here is something that I realized this week IM GETTING OLD!!!!  Here are the many ways I know I’m aging

  1. I wake up and have no desire to comb my hair… I ain’t trying to impress anyone
  2. I have no sexy lingerie. NONE!!!
  3. I have aches and pains that I have never had before. This lower back pain is for the birds man!!!
  4. I grunt when I stand up
  5. I sneezed… and peed a little bit!!!
  6. I prefer to sit on my sofa and watch hallmark movies than going out and meeting people my age

Number 5 was the kicker though. I was like “Oh my damn I’m turning into my grandmother at the ripe age of 36!!!! WHY LAWD WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Sure I try new things to try to keep from aging at a super rapid rate (rock climbing, OCR, Surfing… Whatever adrenaline thing I can find) but hot damn there are still aspects of aging that sneak in. **face palm**



I always say that I am not a people person and that I like being alone. Its the truth. I’m with people 5 days a week and two of them are toddlers that NEVER stop talking; so I really do enjoy my solitude on my days off. Yesterday I spent my evening at the Baily- Holt house. I made plans to go and actually had to make myself get up off of my couch 3 hours early just to make it out there. I sat by a fountain near by… in solitude. I had 45 minutes to go and was on the verge of turning around and going back home, sitting back on my couch and binging on movies. I didn’t do it. I joined a few people from church and talked with some of the residents of the Baily- Holt house and I can’t describe how amazing it was. A dark cloud that has been hanging over me the past few months was lifted. Thats the only way to describe it. So I walked the short distance to the train station and plugged in my ear buds and pulled up a puzzle game on my phone… To isolate myself. Yeh 5 minutes in a big white dude and his two children come and stand by me.The youngest was maybe 5 or 6. She sat next to me. Dad and oldest daughter are arguing. Lil Bit leaned over “What ya doing?” “Playing a puzzle game” “Can I help?” “Uhhhhh Sure” So she leaned on my shoulder and her little painted bitten off fingernails helped move pieces across my screen. Then she goes “What are you listening to? Sounds good.” “Sho Baraka” She basically takes over my phone. NO PERSONAL SPACE!!!! She takes an earbud from my hand and places it to her ear. “Daddy can I listen to what she’s listening to?? Its Sho Baaaa something” He stopped arguing with his oldest daughter to look at me with question. And I told him “Its Sho Baraka. Clean Christian Rap” He said it was ok. This little girl and I shared my earbuds while she played games on my phone. I figured it would only last for a little bit. I mean how long could this child want to be around me?? 3 minutes later the train comes and she goes “Are you getting on this train?” “Yes” “DADDY SHES GETTING ON OUR TRAIN!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Come on lady!!!” I hold my phone and she takes my hand and pulls me on the train to sit with her. Now normally  when I get on the train I try to find the quietest car with the most open seats so I can sit BY MYSELF. In my own personal silence.  Well God has a sick sense of humor because I am now sitting with a 1st grader glued to the left side of my body, listening to my music and playing games on my phone. “I don’t like this game. Can I find another one. Whats your name?” “Khrys” “Hey thats my daddy’s name!!! Daddy she has the same name as you!!!!” He laughs and goes back to arguing with his older daughter who I guess doesn’t like his girlfriend or something. Lil Bit “Wow you have a lot of games on your phone. How old are you?” ” I get bored a lot and Im 36.” “Oh ok.” WTF is that supposed to mean?!?!?!?!? So she’s snuggled up on me and decides to play a word puzzle game and I am helping her find and spell different words. 10 minutes later they get to their stop and the dad basically has to drag her from me. As the doors are closing I hear her scream “THANK YOU!!!! IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU!!!! BYYYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!!” All I  could do was laugh.  Like I said  God has a FUNNY sense of humor.