These Beats Came to NYC

I LIVE for epic weekends. They are EVERYTHING!!!! This weekend I was social and had two friends stay at my place while they got work done here in NYC!!! Tell you that my weekend was EPIC is a total understatement. I did not bitch or complain one time!!! I mean I griped about the weather a little bit but THATS IT!!! On the real though… The weather has been so damn hateful. Just hateful. The windchill on Friday. Saturday morning… same thing.

Before my friends arrived my mom was like “you need to grocery shop. Get food.” I was like “I have snacks. Thats good right??” When I got to my apartment on Friday and cleared out what needed to be cleared (basically everything) all I was  left with was 3 boxes of lemon popsicles, half a stick of butter and a whole lot  of alcohol. SHIT!!! SERIOUSLY… Thats all I had. I wasn’t feeling all that great because the kids passed their cold germs to me and it was kicking my ass. What helped?? Great happy hour friend!! Candace met me for drinks food and whole lot of laughter!!! I drank a whole lot hot toddys. They cleared me right on up. YES THEY DID BABY!!! I didn’t have the yucky cough feeling but my nose was on straight congestion/ and slime mode. UUUUUUUUGH so gross!!! I was sleep before 10p Friday night. I slept so damn hard… Like HARD!!!  I woke up Saturday morning with a pep in my step and a need to finish cleaning and grocery shopping. I cleaned, semi organized, washed ER’THANG, made my bed, laid out clean towels and blankets. Fro’d the hair out, covered my dark circles and hit the grocery store. The thing about me and grocery shopping is that I never make a list and I always walk out with WAAAAAY more than what I thought I needed.  Whatever though because I was able to make my fridge look like someone actually lived in my apartment 7 days a week.

My friends arrived Saturday around 1p. They unloaded bags and a shit ton of gear and said “Where can we eat?!?!?!” Now y’all know me: “I gotchu homie” We walked and talked all the way to the train. I don’t think you understand how excited I was to see these two awesome souls. Hell I don’t even think THEY KNEW how excited I was. JUSTIN RHODES and KORY WILLIAMS ARE THE ISH!!!! They are AMAZING at what they do and are constantly perfecting their craft. These two are the chillest, nicest, most humble, HILARIOUS human beings you will ever meet and I DID NOT have a total fan girl melt down at all. ANYWAY we traveled from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side for my go to spot. It took a hot ass minute to get there and they did ask “Is it really worth it??” “Is it worth it??!?!?!?! Is the Sky Blue????Are we Black?? HELL YEH ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!” We made it to Jacobs Pickles only to find out that there was an hour and a half wait… Im sorry but they haven’t eaten since like 6 this morning and I didnt eat AT ALL because I JUST KNEW that this amazing food was in my future. I said “Put us on the list” But we walked to their sister restaurant one block over and were seated at the bar right away. The bartenders were awesome and we all ordered the same thing :Chicken and French Toast. We are chatting and laughing and having a grand ole whooo raahhh and then the waiter came out with our food. YOOOOOOOOOO It was like a MOUNTAIN of French toast with 3 GIANT pieces of chicken on top. We stared at our plates for a few seconds in sheer amazement but snapped out of it quick because IT WAS TIME TO EAT!!!! I cant describe the happiness I felt when that food hit my tastebuds. YES LAWD!!!! No words were spoken. We were all so damn hungry that all you heard was ” OH MAH GAH” “AHHHH SOOO GOOD” “This chicken… MAAAAAAAANNNNN” “Is there more syrup??” “JESUS” About 20minutes later we all leaned back in our chairs and stared at the food that was still left on our plates. ” Can we get togo boxes please??” After we ate we hopped back on the train I got us a little lost because we got off at the wrong stop BUT we were close to DOUGH!!! “Soooo bad news is that we are at the wrong stop. BUT we are just a few blocks from doughnut HEAVEN.” Y’all already know what went down… We trucked it to Dough, laughing and talking about random topics. We grabbed two giant donuts and then took the train back to the apartment. As soon as we hit the door, ITIS set in. It wasnt late but the sun is down by 445. It was like 5 and everyone was out of it. Both dudes were passed out. I look up and Justin is face planted in the bed with the covers all the way up to the top of his head and Kory is fetal position wrapped up in blankets on the couch. Me??? I sat with my laptop writing. After like 2 hours I was like “We aint going nowhere so I showered, threw this hair in a bun and put on my sweats. I hopped back on my air mattress and went back to writing. 30 minutes later both dudes popped up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Like they were totally rejuvenated!!!! So what do you do?? You get up, make cocktails for everyone and watch them be the mad creative geniuses that they are. Bags, wires, laptops, buttons, headphones and phones were all in play. I just read a book and then started a scarf because… I’m not a super creative genius. “Khrys are you a night owl??” “Nope. But thats also because I never have company. I’m good though.” ” Ok cool” These dudes…Like my body was DONE at midnight. My mind, body… ER”THANG SHUT.DOWN at midnight. I was trying to hang though because NO ONE wants to be the first to crash. I typed, then would zone out and 5minutes later come back to reality. So then I figured working on my scarf would keep me going… NOPE!!! I straight slept with my eyes open. These two are working away in the wee hours like champs and my body was like “Wait… WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK?!?!?! Homey you are normally sleep by 9…10p at the latest. I know you ain’t trying to be gangsta right now… ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!!” I limply hung on until 2 and then I had to lay it down and look at my eyelids. Khrys is NOT gangsta y’all.

Sunday Morning

730p and my black ass is bright eyed and nappy tailed. I got up brushed my teeth, threw on my shoes and went to get coffee. My hair wasn’t combed. I slept in a hoodie and sweats so all I had to do was just throw on shoes and go… and thats exactly what I did. I walked one street over to Kos for THREE GIANT cups of coffee. Outside the shop was an older black man who was really chatty and just sitting in the cold. DUUUUUDE ITS FLIPPIN COLD OUT HERE!!!! So I did what any normal person would do “Would you like a cup of coffee??” He said “Excuse me??” He had a surprised look so I asked again “Could I get you a cup of coffee??” He said “Sure…Uh a small please.” So I added a small coffee to my order and gave it to him.

Alright so I get back and no one is really awake but movement starts after a while. AWESOME!!! Well they are my guest so what do you do?? Prepare cocktails and breakfast for ER’BODY!!!! I made everyone margaritas and breakfast sandwiches. While the created magic for the show… I sat  browsed amazon because…yeh. 130 hit and we got up and going… sort of. I got do something I never thought I would do in a million years: I GOT TO HELP!!! Ok when I say help I mean I literally just took them to different parts of Brooklyn to get wicked awesome shots. Oh and I got to hold a REALLY EXPENSIVE professional camera and push ONE button on it. **teeny bopper squeal** When I say really expensive I mean like it had multiple…. MULTIPLE interchangeable lenses and knobs and do-hickies and thing mabobs… Yeh. After I watched Kory get some AMAZING shots of my neighborhood, we all grabbed everything and headed to the Staten Island Ferry because they wanted to get some shots of Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island Ferry takes you right by it… FOR FREE!!! So I got to witness them work and it was AWESOME!!!



Only thing with the ferry is that you have to get off to get back on. We had 4 minutes… 4 minutes!!! SHIT!!! We turned into freaking track stars in the blink of an eye. We made it to the next ferry with like 1 minute to spare. YAAAAAAAAAS!!!! Only thing is that it was 420p. Sun is already setting.


Kory wanted to get some great sun set shots of the Brooklyn Bridge but the sun was fading fast!!! We made it back to Brooklyn and when we got off the train the sun was basically gone and temps DROPPED. We walked 15 minutes to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the sun was damn near gone but Justin and Kory got the COOLEST drone shots EVER!!! EPIC!!!! After they got what they needed, we were going to go to Williamsburg for Pho but ya know what??? Shake Shack was RIGHT next door so we hit shake shack and all was right in our worlds. After Shake shack there was no debate. “Yeh we are getting an uber. Im not walking to the train… SCREW THAT” We got an uber and headed home. I think we were back at the apartment for MAYBE 25-30 minutes… and ER’BODY was KNOCKED OUT!! HA!!!!! Thats how awesome the day was.

This weekend I got to hang with just really awesome good people!!!This was one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVER!!! It was basically how EVERY weekend should be!!! There was non stop laughter, everyone gelled, and it was just CHILL!!!! My friend circle is tiny… TINY… ITTY.BITTY. But its finally starting to get just a little bit bigger. When this episode of These Beats Aint Free comes out I can say “DUDE I WAS RIGHT THERE for that shot!!!! I watched them shoot that!!!!!” **fan girl melt down in 3…2…1** LMBO!!!


Author: singleinbrooklynblog

I am a 30 something year old woman living in Brooklyn NY. I am originally from Dallas TX but do not see myself moving back any time in the near future. I have a love for all food especially when it can be delivered to my apartment. I love running OCR even though I am the slowest person out there. I have a short attention span (why NY is the ideal place for me). I am silly, sarcastic, optimistic, easy going and fun. I am also very single and I must say that I am enjoying my Single In Brooklyn life.

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