New Low… Or High

Whats up good people who are bored and swing through to read my blog??? Well today the unthinkable happened… I ran out of yarn!!!! There is a back story to this but just know that I have reached an early senior citizen low.


Every fall and winter I stock up on yarn and make scarves for the homeless people I see on the street or in the subway stations. I hand them scarves with a cup of coffee or something to eat. Well every year I end up making more and more


Just in the past 2 months I have made OVER 30 scarves. I have mailed off 2 boxes to a wonderful woman in Chattanooga who is handing them out to the black community there. I sent a box with my mom this past weekend and I am making random ones for friends and family who ask. I can pump out 2 or 3 scarves a week. I always pack yarn when I go to work. I packed two big things of yarn on Monday morning and yesterday I finished them both. Do you know what happened after??? I had no idea what to do?? I felt so lost!!!  The hell?? My life has come to Yarn and hallmark movies!!!! I have reached a new geriatric low!!! Like I was LEGIT confused with how to spend my time!!! I just sat staring at my hands like “uhhhh well… Hmmm. What do we do now??” I have a DRAWER full of yarn that I am ITCHING to dig into tomorrow when I get home!!! Im having yarn withdrawals y’all. I know some time tomorrow Im going to go to Michaels and buy some more yarn. Whyyy?? Because the little boy that I nanny wants one AND someone else has requested a box of scarves for the homeless shelter she helps with.

You guys have no idea how much joy this brings me!!! Knowing that I am sharing my love with the world by giving out a little bit or warmth. All are made with nothing but LOVE! Every year I burn out really fast but the fact that I have had such a great turn out this year has kept the fire going. I do want to branch out and and maybe get a small group of knitters and crocheters to help create and distribute. Im trying to keep up!!! If you know anyone who can help out. HIT ME UP!!!!!


My Face Hates Me

Howdy people!!! So the past two weeks have been non stop for me. Wether its been trying to be social or busy catching up on adulting… Its been NON.STOP. Well last week I got sick. I caught the cold from hell from my Kiddos.  Normally a cold only last a few days for me. NOT THIS ONE!!! By the time Thursday hit, I was for sure I was going to die from a head cold. Thats right people. I was certain that the cooties I caught from my kiddos was trying to take me out. So what do you do when you feel like a Mack truck has run you over??? You fly home to be with your parents because you all of a sudden have a need to be taken care of. So my 36 year old ass caught the first flight out Friday morning to go be with my parents.  I made it in around 9ish and made a pit stop in FlowerMound to visit my not so little cousin who had just gotten home from he hospital. Spent some time with him and a few family members and then went to my parents house and face planted on their sofa from Friday afternoon until EARLY Sunday morning. I didn’t move. I didn’t call anyone. I didn’t text anyone. NOTHING. No one knew I was home and I NEEDED it to be that way so I could attempt to feel human again. So for 2.5 days, I moved from that spot on the sofa to pee, eat, shower, stock up on yarn… and thats it. I made 3 scarves and watched NON STOP HALLMARK!!! Well I alternated between hallmark and Lifetime. (LAME LAME LAME but I LOVE IT). Friday and Saturday I ran fever. So my mom showered me with every cold medication that was created and then doped me up with Theraflu laced with Brandy. Then she made me Hot toddy’s that were STRONG AS HELL!!! Not only did she LOAD them with whiskey but she added peppermint and VICKS vapor to it!!! Like my eyes started watering as soon as she put it in my hands. My dad bought me A BOX of donuts and made me chicken noodle soup… THATS LOVE RIGHT THERE!!!! You guys don’t understand how miserable I was. My FACE HATED ME!!! At this very moment it still hates me. It feels like big foot is pushing my face from the inside out!!! I am living off of nose spray and netty pots!!! I think thats what they are called. I’m doing everything in my power to clear the SNOT that has taken over my nasal cavities!!! I don’t care if I am a little congested. I just need for my entire face to not hurt!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Thursday night… Thera flu laced with brandy
Made it home to Texas. Felt like CRAP but I was cute!!
Friday and Saturday look
Flying back to NYC and still feel like run over dog crap


Its Monday and I feel better but a few times today big foot was pushing the inside of my face. I’m ready to feel normal again. I have no plans for this weekend. I have no desire to go anywhere. I just want to sleep, and watch sappy movies and make more scarves. I might go out for brunch (in all my sweatpants glory) but I am also cool with ordering groceries online and cooking my own brunch… Yeh that is more than likely going to happen. HAPPY MONDAY FOLKS!!!!

Just To Get By…

YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ok so last night I got to get off from work and go have a social life!!! **GASP and clutch the pearls** WHAT?!?!?! I know I know. I had a social life last night.  Totally something I need to do more often. ANYWAY I rushed home from work (or as fast as the train would let me go because signals were down and it was backed up). Tonight was TALIB KWELI **insert teeny bopper squeal** I got home and was greeted by my giant ritz cracker loving friend Thurber( landlords dog) My friends were still at my apartment!!! WOOHOO!!!! I was able to joke around and chat before he had to head out. Y’all have no idea how STOKED I was not just for the AMAZINGNESS that I was about to witness (Talib Kweli) but to hang with really cool people… again!!! Last weekend was epic awesome so I just KNEW that Thursday was going to be AHHHHH-MAZING. ANYWAY… So 10ish we leave the house and make it to Brooklyn Bowl. We make it through security and the big metal doors only for Justin to say “Uhhh I left the house keys in the Uber” WHAT?!?!?! SHIT!!!!! So Im calling our uber driver on REPEAT because the asshole keeps hanging up on me. Finally I got him on the phone and he gave me the damn run around. “I dont know when I’ll be back in Brooklyn.” “I might be able to help” “I’ll let you know” ” Take my number and text me and I will have to let you know. If anything I will leave them at the Uber center and you can get them in the morning.” THE FUCK?!?!?! DUDE I need my keys LIKE NOW!!!  I cant wait until the morning!!! I took his number and then Justin took over and called Mr. Asshole driver back… Yeh I got my keys back!!! THANKS FOR LOOKING OUT JUSTIN!!!! So Anyway we are standing around and he says “Lets bowl!!!” “SURE!!! But FYI… I SUCK at bowling. Like I am really bad. REEEAAAAALLLLLLY bad”  We got shoes and a lane and went out to do the WORST bowling EVER!!! It was bad y’all. His score was a HELL of a lot better than mine. It was SOOOO BAD you guys but you couldn’t tell us we weren’t professional!!! There were dance breaks for every strike or spare.  I had a victory dance for EVERY time I knocked a pin down because it was so rare. Like I hit gutter 95% of the time.

Kory arrived during our second game and watched us fail spectacularly. I think we would have bowled better if we had done the leg kickback thing or the Fred Flintstone twinkle toes. I think that would have made ALL Of the difference. We bowled two games and then at the same time we all sat side by side on the sofa, kicked our feet up on the table and zoned out to the music. The dj was AMAZING!!!! If we would have been able to sit for like 10 minutes longer I’m sure all three of us would have been passed out but the waitress came up and let us know that someone was wanting to use our lane… Pretty sure she just wanted us to move but whatever. We moved anyway. I took the shoes back, got a beer and then we all posted up in a corner jamming and waiting for Talib. Now you all know that I am a HUGE people watcher. Its a hobby right up there with hallmark movies and making scarves. Ive also become a pro at snapping videos and pics of random people in their foolishness or amazingness. Kory saw a couple on the dance floor and they were greatness. They were grooving and totally in to each other and it was heart melt worthy. See thats what he captured. What did I capture?? I captured the Latino dude posted up near us. He was by himself and HE.WAS.FEELING.HIMSELF y’all. Confidence was THROUGH THE ROOF!!!! No one could tell him SHIT!!! He was rocking the teddy bear sweater… No for real there was a giant teddy bear on his sweater. He had that set it off with a collared shirt underneath and topped it with a powder blue tuxedo jacket. That was paired with a pair of Snow White pants and White Easter Sunday shoes. He danced all damn night… by himself and you could tell he was like “My shit don’t stink!!!” I laughed so damn hard but yo he gets mad props because there are very few who could pull that off with that much confidence. Greatness I tell. PURE GREATNESS!!!!

A little bit later TRUE GREATNESS was introduced and the stage was bomb rushed. We hung back a bit but Talib made his way out and its was nothing less than PURE MAGIC for an hour. There was a live band behind him and you couldn’t help but jam!! It was nothing but groove man!!! I was already a fan, but seeing him LIVE was UN-FREAKING-REAL!!!!  See this is what music is about for me. This is real music to me. Music that talks about the success and struggles. Music about life. To me GREAT music is not just a sick beat. Great music transports you. It moves you all the way to your soul. It speaks to you in more ways than one. Thats what great music is to me and that my friends is what Talib Kweli brings to the table. HE KILLED IT and the fact that Justin produced 2 AMAZING songs on his new Album Radio Silence was just like the icing on the cake. I was surrounded by creative greatness!!! Kory captured so many amazing moments behind the lens of his big ass camera. It was cool to witness the magic of it all. The music, the images, the energy… It was just awesome!!!

We left the concert around 2ish. It was flipping cold outside… COLD…C.O.L.D. We all piled into the back of the uber and I sat in the middle. It was maybe a 15-20 minute ride back to the Slope. We laughed NON STOP for 20 minutes. My cheeks were hurting. My stomach was hurting. I could.not.breathe. There was no way for me to catch my breath between the giggles and belly laughs. My stomach was in knots because  I was laughing non stop. See thats how time off should be with friends. No drama, no bullshit, no unnecessary… Just laughter, good conversation, great energy and a amazing spirit. It’s going to be damn hard to top the past two weekends. I seriously don’t think that they can be topped. Kory and Justin told me that I made this weekend… but what they don’t understand is that they totally made mine.

These Beats Came to NYC

I LIVE for epic weekends. They are EVERYTHING!!!! This weekend I was social and had two friends stay at my place while they got work done here in NYC!!! Tell you that my weekend was EPIC is a total understatement. I did not bitch or complain one time!!! I mean I griped about the weather a little bit but THATS IT!!! On the real though… The weather has been so damn hateful. Just hateful. The windchill on Friday. Saturday morning… same thing.

Before my friends arrived my mom was like “you need to grocery shop. Get food.” I was like “I have snacks. Thats good right??” When I got to my apartment on Friday and cleared out what needed to be cleared (basically everything) all I was  left with was 3 boxes of lemon popsicles, half a stick of butter and a whole lot  of alcohol. SHIT!!! SERIOUSLY… Thats all I had. I wasn’t feeling all that great because the kids passed their cold germs to me and it was kicking my ass. What helped?? Great happy hour friend!! Candace met me for drinks food and whole lot of laughter!!! I drank a whole lot hot toddys. They cleared me right on up. YES THEY DID BABY!!! I didn’t have the yucky cough feeling but my nose was on straight congestion/ and slime mode. UUUUUUUUGH so gross!!! I was sleep before 10p Friday night. I slept so damn hard… Like HARD!!!  I woke up Saturday morning with a pep in my step and a need to finish cleaning and grocery shopping. I cleaned, semi organized, washed ER’THANG, made my bed, laid out clean towels and blankets. Fro’d the hair out, covered my dark circles and hit the grocery store. The thing about me and grocery shopping is that I never make a list and I always walk out with WAAAAAY more than what I thought I needed.  Whatever though because I was able to make my fridge look like someone actually lived in my apartment 7 days a week.

My friends arrived Saturday around 1p. They unloaded bags and a shit ton of gear and said “Where can we eat?!?!?!” Now y’all know me: “I gotchu homie” We walked and talked all the way to the train. I don’t think you understand how excited I was to see these two awesome souls. Hell I don’t even think THEY KNEW how excited I was. JUSTIN RHODES and KORY WILLIAMS ARE THE ISH!!!! They are AMAZING at what they do and are constantly perfecting their craft. These two are the chillest, nicest, most humble, HILARIOUS human beings you will ever meet and I DID NOT have a total fan girl melt down at all. ANYWAY we traveled from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side for my go to spot. It took a hot ass minute to get there and they did ask “Is it really worth it??” “Is it worth it??!?!?!?! Is the Sky Blue????Are we Black?? HELL YEH ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!” We made it to Jacobs Pickles only to find out that there was an hour and a half wait… Im sorry but they haven’t eaten since like 6 this morning and I didnt eat AT ALL because I JUST KNEW that this amazing food was in my future. I said “Put us on the list” But we walked to their sister restaurant one block over and were seated at the bar right away. The bartenders were awesome and we all ordered the same thing :Chicken and French Toast. We are chatting and laughing and having a grand ole whooo raahhh and then the waiter came out with our food. YOOOOOOOOOO It was like a MOUNTAIN of French toast with 3 GIANT pieces of chicken on top. We stared at our plates for a few seconds in sheer amazement but snapped out of it quick because IT WAS TIME TO EAT!!!! I cant describe the happiness I felt when that food hit my tastebuds. YES LAWD!!!! No words were spoken. We were all so damn hungry that all you heard was ” OH MAH GAH” “AHHHH SOOO GOOD” “This chicken… MAAAAAAAANNNNN” “Is there more syrup??” “JESUS” About 20minutes later we all leaned back in our chairs and stared at the food that was still left on our plates. ” Can we get togo boxes please??” After we ate we hopped back on the train I got us a little lost because we got off at the wrong stop BUT we were close to DOUGH!!! “Soooo bad news is that we are at the wrong stop. BUT we are just a few blocks from doughnut HEAVEN.” Y’all already know what went down… We trucked it to Dough, laughing and talking about random topics. We grabbed two giant donuts and then took the train back to the apartment. As soon as we hit the door, ITIS set in. It wasnt late but the sun is down by 445. It was like 5 and everyone was out of it. Both dudes were passed out. I look up and Justin is face planted in the bed with the covers all the way up to the top of his head and Kory is fetal position wrapped up in blankets on the couch. Me??? I sat with my laptop writing. After like 2 hours I was like “We aint going nowhere so I showered, threw this hair in a bun and put on my sweats. I hopped back on my air mattress and went back to writing. 30 minutes later both dudes popped up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Like they were totally rejuvenated!!!! So what do you do?? You get up, make cocktails for everyone and watch them be the mad creative geniuses that they are. Bags, wires, laptops, buttons, headphones and phones were all in play. I just read a book and then started a scarf because… I’m not a super creative genius. “Khrys are you a night owl??” “Nope. But thats also because I never have company. I’m good though.” ” Ok cool” These dudes…Like my body was DONE at midnight. My mind, body… ER”THANG SHUT.DOWN at midnight. I was trying to hang though because NO ONE wants to be the first to crash. I typed, then would zone out and 5minutes later come back to reality. So then I figured working on my scarf would keep me going… NOPE!!! I straight slept with my eyes open. These two are working away in the wee hours like champs and my body was like “Wait… WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK?!?!?! Homey you are normally sleep by 9…10p at the latest. I know you ain’t trying to be gangsta right now… ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!!” I limply hung on until 2 and then I had to lay it down and look at my eyelids. Khrys is NOT gangsta y’all.

Sunday Morning

730p and my black ass is bright eyed and nappy tailed. I got up brushed my teeth, threw on my shoes and went to get coffee. My hair wasn’t combed. I slept in a hoodie and sweats so all I had to do was just throw on shoes and go… and thats exactly what I did. I walked one street over to Kos for THREE GIANT cups of coffee. Outside the shop was an older black man who was really chatty and just sitting in the cold. DUUUUUDE ITS FLIPPIN COLD OUT HERE!!!! So I did what any normal person would do “Would you like a cup of coffee??” He said “Excuse me??” He had a surprised look so I asked again “Could I get you a cup of coffee??” He said “Sure…Uh a small please.” So I added a small coffee to my order and gave it to him.

Alright so I get back and no one is really awake but movement starts after a while. AWESOME!!! Well they are my guest so what do you do?? Prepare cocktails and breakfast for ER’BODY!!!! I made everyone margaritas and breakfast sandwiches. While the created magic for the show… I sat  browsed amazon because…yeh. 130 hit and we got up and going… sort of. I got do something I never thought I would do in a million years: I GOT TO HELP!!! Ok when I say help I mean I literally just took them to different parts of Brooklyn to get wicked awesome shots. Oh and I got to hold a REALLY EXPENSIVE professional camera and push ONE button on it. **teeny bopper squeal** When I say really expensive I mean like it had multiple…. MULTIPLE interchangeable lenses and knobs and do-hickies and thing mabobs… Yeh. After I watched Kory get some AMAZING shots of my neighborhood, we all grabbed everything and headed to the Staten Island Ferry because they wanted to get some shots of Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island Ferry takes you right by it… FOR FREE!!! So I got to witness them work and it was AWESOME!!!



Only thing with the ferry is that you have to get off to get back on. We had 4 minutes… 4 minutes!!! SHIT!!! We turned into freaking track stars in the blink of an eye. We made it to the next ferry with like 1 minute to spare. YAAAAAAAAAS!!!! Only thing is that it was 420p. Sun is already setting.


Kory wanted to get some great sun set shots of the Brooklyn Bridge but the sun was fading fast!!! We made it back to Brooklyn and when we got off the train the sun was basically gone and temps DROPPED. We walked 15 minutes to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the sun was damn near gone but Justin and Kory got the COOLEST drone shots EVER!!! EPIC!!!! After they got what they needed, we were going to go to Williamsburg for Pho but ya know what??? Shake Shack was RIGHT next door so we hit shake shack and all was right in our worlds. After Shake shack there was no debate. “Yeh we are getting an uber. Im not walking to the train… SCREW THAT” We got an uber and headed home. I think we were back at the apartment for MAYBE 25-30 minutes… and ER’BODY was KNOCKED OUT!! HA!!!!! Thats how awesome the day was.

This weekend I got to hang with just really awesome good people!!!This was one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVER!!! It was basically how EVERY weekend should be!!! There was non stop laughter, everyone gelled, and it was just CHILL!!!! My friend circle is tiny… TINY… ITTY.BITTY. But its finally starting to get just a little bit bigger. When this episode of These Beats Aint Free comes out I can say “DUDE I WAS RIGHT THERE for that shot!!!! I watched them shoot that!!!!!” **fan girl melt down in 3…2…1** LMBO!!!

So Damn Cheesy

OH MAH GAH **insert teeny bopper squeal** It’s that time of year again!!!! Bring in AAAAALLLL of the holiday cheer. **twirls around in red and green tutu and throws snowflake glitter**  Here’s the thing… I’m not really a happy holiday filled with cheer type of person. I’m not the grinch but Im not ELF either. I’m more of… hell I don’t know… a grinch ELF?? Does that even make sense? I like some parts of the holiday but a lot of things make me roll my eyes and say “OH FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! SHUT IT UP ALREADY!!!!!” I love being with my family but I hate the commercialization for it all. HATE IT!!! The ONE thing that I love besides food and my family is… FREAKING HALLMARK MOVIES baby!!! YAAAAAAAS!!! Give me all of the sappy bad acting hallmark holiday movies. ALL.OF.THEM!!! I literally sit in the middle of my sofa with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, making scarves while watching these low budget horrible acting movies. BUT I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!!! For some reason they make me happy!!! They make my little grinch heart grow and grow. This is the ONLY time that my tv really turns on… and stays on. They start at like 7 in the morning and it doesn’t end until like 10 o’clock at night. I get up to pee, eat, and maybe change color yarn but THATS IT!!! This is my holiday cheer. I know I need to be out mingling and meeting people BUUUUT see the way my old lady mentality is set up: “Go out on Saturday?? Oh no baby thats hallmark time.” Here is what’s really bad, if I can’t watch the movies because of work or what not, then I will go to youtube and find them when I am finished with work. Oh the hallmark addiction has hit an all time low!!! Its bad y’all. BAAAAAAD! And most of the time when I’m watching them, all I’m doing is critiquing them!!! “Oh what the hell were they thinking putting that dress with those shoes??” “Who did her wig??” “They couldn’t get a black lady to do her lace front???”  Then my mom will call because she is just as bad as I am. We are watching the same movie at the same time critiquing the SAME DAMN THINGS!!!! What is it about hallmark that is so damn addicting?!?!?!?! DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!

All my races end in Texas

The great blogosphere we meet again!!! Okee dokee so this past weekend I ran my very last race of the year. The Spartan Beast. 14+ miles of “I HATE THIS SHIT” I arrived in DFW Friday around 530p.I walked off that plane looking like a girly tomboy because thats how I roll when I travel. Im all about SUPER COMFORT… and red lipstick when I travel. I even threw in some big hoop earrings. Whats hilarious is that when I was pulling out of the rental parking lot the guy goes ” Hi sir… Oh my gosh  I mean ma’am. How are you today??” I laughed so damn hard and told him. “Its ok. I am dressed like a dude. But I am all woman.”

ANYWAY…I was all excited that my parents invited me out for fried shrimp!!! HELL YES AND DADDY PAYS?!?!?! SOLD!!! Well apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough through the airport because as soon as I hopped in my rental I got a call “Hey you might want to pick something up to eat. We ate and are on our way home” THE HELL?!?!?!?! What just happened?!?!?!? You had my lips all ready to devour an entire plate of fried shrimp and then you just gone cut me out?!?!? What kind of foolery is this?!?!?!?! So I had to settle for good ole chicken express. Lets back up a minute though. Lets talk about getting from DFW to South Arlington. What kind of devils work is going on?!?!?! There was construction EVERYWHERE and new bridges and roads that weren’t there a month ago. I was so damn lost for a hot minute. And then I found my way to 820 and then 287 and I was home free baby!!! YAAAAS!!!! Chicken express here I come!!! So I get to chicken express and its “Uhhh yeh can I get the three piece… all wings and like 5 biscuits??”  I made it to the rents house, busted open my box of chicken and ate it all while PRETENDING it was an order of JUMBO fried shrimp. Im still a little salty about that. WHATEVER… MOVING ONEAF8A195-25DC-4F02-BE37-E7733C28B5F8

So I stay up talking with mom for a bit and then the sand man hit me and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I THOUGHT I had set my alarm for 545 so I could be up early to head out to the race. Well… what had happened was, I set the time… but didn’t press “DONE” So I kind of overslept by an hour. I shot out of bed, threw on my race gear and proceeded to be in a semi panic because I had to pick up my friend Nicole  and stop by Walgreens.  We get to Walgreens only to realize that I FORGOT MY WATER PACK!!! **face palm** So we made a u-turn to get my water pack and then get Nicole. Oh and my entire family came along. When I say entire family I just mean my mom, dad and best friend. Im an only child sooo yeh.  We go scoop up Nicole at butt crack o’clock and head out to good ole Glen Rose for my early morning ass whooping. Ohhhh and it was gosh damn 32 degrees outside. OOOOOH MAH GAH!!! Nicole bought a Bag full of donuts so that made it a little better.

We get to the race and they let me get an earlier time slot!!! YES!! But holy crap I only had like 10 minutes to stretch and semi warm up. SHIT!!!! I handed my mom my belongings and mentally tried to prepare myself. IT WAS FUCKING COLD Y’ALL. 32 degrees. 32 FUCKING DEGREES!!! Whatever. I hopped over that wall and it was game on!!! I had master P blasting so I was straight. The MC made his speech and then it was time to haul. I did good. Started strong. Passed a few people and ran most of it. I made it over every wall and climbing frame with ease. Then came the water. ITS 32 DEGREES outside and we had water crossings… Like 4 or 5 of those damn things!!! I sucked it up and did what I had to do. By the time I would thaw out from one crossing there was another one for me to do.dallas 2 I made all sandbag carries with ease.dallas 1 Some kind of heavy kettle bell carry thing was easy.  I was good. Then around mile 8 or 9 my ass whooping kicked in. My knee said “SCREW YOU!!!” and proceeded to pinch and throb with every step I made. I hobbled along though. We hit the z wall. Im hurting, but its z-wall… I GOT THIS… or so I thought. I made it all the way to the end and slipped off one of the pegs. My body said “NO BURPEES or you will die” My brain said “I agree. Keep it moving” So I kept my black ass moving. After that it was downhill.  My knee pain only intensified and then leg cramps started kicking in. Mind you the entire week I drank enough water to fill the freaking Great Lakes!!! So I was inhaling pickle salts to kill the cramps. I made it through the first barbed wire easy. I failed monkey bars because I could NOT get a grip!!! I failed twister, Olympus, and spear throw. I SKIPPED MY BURPEES!!! Again my body kept saying “I WILL KILL YOU!!!” and my brain kept saying “Hear ya loud and clear. KEEP IT MOVING!!!” So I kept it moving. I made Hercules hoist and rope climb. I had to walk out of the second barbed wire because my leg cramped up and I could barely move. I mean really this race was just chewing me up and spitting me out left and right. After mile 10 I just kept repeating “Not today Satan. NOT today!!!!” When I saw that fire pit my only thought was “Please don’t cramp up. Please legs don’t give out. Please don’t eat it!!!” I made it!!!! YES LAWD!!!!

I literally kissed the ground as soon as I made it over and crossed that finish line. I got my medal and my mom, dad and family were waiting for me!!!IMG_3083

All I wanted was to change, go home take the hottest shower in the world and EAT AAAAAAALLLLL of the tacos!!!! I changed and we made it to the car… which had heated seats and Nicole gave me her blanket. It was like a nice warm hug from Jesus. Im so serious!!! Then it hit me “HOLD UP… We still have donuts!!!” Y’all… I ate 6 donut holes, two cinnamon twists, and two glazed donuts in under 15 minutes. NO REGRETS!!!! We made it home, I took the hottest shower on EARTH and then said “I NEED TACOS!!!!” Me, my mom and Nicole went to Joe T Garcias for food!!! I don’t have any photos of the tacos because I was eating as fast as the food was coming out. I had two enchiladas. 3 tostada things, two or three tacos, and two margaritas.  Oh and a ton of rice. Then Amanda showed up and it was school reunion!! HAHAHA!!! We talked and  laughed and laughed and talked and then laughed some more. Well by the time we finished eating and drinking I had the bright idea: “DUDE LETS GO TO WINSTAR!!!” Sooooo yeh we waited for my Aunt Sandy to join us and we all hopped in the rental car and headed to WINSTAR in Oklahoma. SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! I hopped from slot machine to slot machine and finally settled on the Ellen slot machine. Ellen was good to me!!! I ended up winning 300 dollars!!! IMG_7206

We stayed for a while and then said “Its time to go!!!” Well it was late and we were all doing everything in our power to stay awake!!! We talked about bogus crap just to keep our eyes open!” As soon as mom and I got home… I crashed.

Sunday morning!!!

I wake up early because I needed to get fed. I needed a word and I got it from Sean Reed!!! THANK YOU!!!! After service I went back to my parents house and said “Lets go mom. I have a late flight so we are good” We went for mani/pedi, and Ramen. Nothing like a good word, neon toes and good food to make the day brighter.

After ramen we went to go visit my little cousin and before we knew it… it was 4p. My flight was at 630p. We FLEW home!!! I had time to grab my bags quickly, give quick hugs and haul out of the door. I left my parents house at 415p. I was at DFW airport before 445p. Oh ya girl was MOVING!!! I was able to return my rental car, make it through TSA and to my gate by 545!!

The plane ride back to NYC was meh. It was cold and a FULL flight but I took two Benadryl so all I had to do was pull up the hood on my hoodie and it was lights out!!!

This past weekend SUCKED but it was amazing at the same time. This  was my first really long race to do alone. I saw some familiar faces out there but I was solo. I was running for me and no one else. Even though I skipped ALL of my penalty burpees and had to walk away from two obstacles due to extreme cramping, I gave everything I had!!! I was cold and miserable but I did it. There were times that I wanted to stop but I ran for the little shy girl who was always told by her 3rd grade teacher; “You aren’t good enough” Saturday… that little girl turned into a beast!!! 7A58D47A-B735-4DA1-9ABF-6CDF64B3F6A7

What Had Happened Was…

Last year I went on a really wonderful and sucky adventure known as Ragnar. Last year I was pissed for 2 WHOLE DAYS. Last year I SWORE I would NEVA EVA do this shit again. Lets fast forward shall we? I get a message on FB: “Khrys we need another teammate for Ragnar. You in??” **face palm**

See… What had happened was: I forgot about all the bogus crap and major melt downs that I had last year and said “You only live once. LETS DO THIS” I paid 100 something dollars and it was set. **face palm again** THE FUCK did I just get myself into… AGAIN?!?!?!?!?! So this is what I got myself into… again. 2.5 days of camping. 1.5 days of running. Its a team of 8 stupid ass people that decide that running at all times of day and night is AMAZING and THRILLING!!! You have a green loop (3ish miles) and yellow loop (5ish miles) and a red loop (about 7 miles). No matter what time of day or night, if your teammate comes back and hands you that bib, you gotta get your ass up and go!!!!

Fast forward again to Thursday Oct 12. I am mad dashing all day trying to make sure I have everything that I need and work at the same time. I had to be OUT OF WORK BY 430p. Time has never moved so damn slow!!! I rush to meet Bridget downstairs only for us to take off and have to turn around because I FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!!! SHIT!!!! I made a mad dash back to work to grab her surprise and we were off to the backwoods of NJ!!! The weather was brisk BUT THERE WAS NO RAIN so we didn’t care!!!

We get to the camp site and set up our awesome pop up tent. It was massive for an open and Boom there ya go tent. Everyone else was hammering and putting sticks and poles in. We literally unzipped the bag and it popped out. We threw ER’THANG in and went to mingle with our teams. There were soooooo many awesome people!!! SOOOOOO MANY!!!!!!img_6981-1

So not only was this set up camp night but it was also Bridget’s birthday!!! What better way to bring in the awesome day than with a group of dumb ass people who decide to run for 1 and a half days?!?!??!?!?! BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER!!!!!

Alright Night #1

Night number one was SHIT!!! I slept on a sleep mat and put my sleeping bag on top of that. I also slept in sweat pants, and hoodie and had a fleece blanket over me because IT WAS FREAKING FREEZING OUTSIDE!!! HO-LY SHIT it was cold. But there was no rain so I was good… sort of. When I woke up at the butt crack of dawn I had slid off my sleep mat and was all on Bridget’s side of the tent. That sleep mat was like laying on a gosh damn slip and slide going down hill. So all in all there was MAYBE 3 hours of sleep. Because all night there were people yelling and laughing oh and porta potty doors slammed all damn night!!!AWFUL I TELL YA!!! JUST AWFUL!!!


Ok. So rise and shine butter cup!! Its time to put the running shoes to the trail and kick this into gear. Our team started at 930. Pedro was our leader!!! Jen was second. Bridget was third,I forgot the guy who was 4th. Anthony was 5th. I was 6th. I forgot who was 7th and Eve was our last runner. We woke to freaking AMAZING BLUE Skies and cold ass weather but it warmed up pretty fast.

So Pedro is like grease lightning. Last year he ran his lap in a medical boot so this year was PAY BACK!!! PAY.BACK!!!img_6993

He takes off like the hounds of hell are on his heels and doesn’t look back. I mean dude is kicking up sand and smoke!!! So what do you do?? You chill and hang out with the other dumb asses that decided this was the BEST ADVENTURE EVER!!!! Jen is up next. She is also grease lightning. She took off for her lap soon after Pedro got back. What did I do?? Chilled, drank a ton of coffee, did I mention chill? Our RWB team next to us had food, drinks and music going non stop so yeh it was on and popping. Our ultra team was AMAZING. They basically ran double what we common folks ran. The ultra team is like super hero status. Compared to them we were mere peasants but WE DIDNT CARE because we are NOT about that superhero life!!! LMBO!!! Carlos, Ma, and two other people made up our ultra team. LOVED THEM ALL… Even though I can’t remember names.

So Jen gets back and Bridget is next. Bridget  is a ray of freaking sunshine!! I call her Funshine. Bridget basically ran the same laps I was running and gave me the run down before it was my turn to go.

Alright so someone runs after Bridget but I can not for the life of me remember his name. He was cool as hell but I can not remember his name!!! Then it was Anthony. ANTHONY was COOL AS A FAN!!! Thats my dude right there!!! While everyone is having their hell in the woods, Im doing what I do best goofing, laughing, eating and making a statement. You know when I run, I run for a reason. You all know my reasons: Black Lives Matter is at the TOP of my list. Every race I commit to is for ALL of the innocent black lives that were taken. I don’t apologize for it and won’t.

So Anthony  gets back and its my turn. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! Im not ready!!! But I don’t really have a choice because I SIGNED UP FOR THIS SHIT… VOLUNTARILY!!! Thats the kicker y’all. I PAID TO DO THIS SHIT!!!! Whatever… Let me get back on topic. So Ive got my ear buds in and I am hyping myself up because… Dude you have to. Whats pumping through my earbuds??? NO LIMIT SOILDERS Down for my N*#%$^&!!! YEH… I was ready to go!!! I got that bib and that was all she wrote. It took me a minute to find my pace and get my breathing down but baby once I got it going… THAT WAS IT!!! I.DID.NOT.STOP!!! A fire was lit under my ass and I was OUT!!!!

I ran 7 straight miles yo!!!! Master P had me on the move!!!!! Then I got to Ma. Ma was running her 2nd lap for the ultra team. Ma was limping and I was worried and went into panic “What do you need?? I got water, I got salt packs, I got chews. What Chu need?!?!” She kept telling me nothing and to keep going. But I hate seeing good people in trouble. She wouldn’t let me help and just said “Tell the team you saw me at mile 4.” Uhh ok. And that was that. I took off like a bat out of hell. The only time I slowed my pace was to make it up climbs but other than that I was OUT!!! I passed an Ultra team mate on the course and let her know “I saw Ma around mile 4” She took off in search and that was that. I hit that marker that let me know I was almost done and baby you couldn’t tell me SHIT! I felt like a gosh damn super hero!!!

Finished my 1st leg and handed the bib to the guy who was after me… Cant remember his name but he was cool as hell. What comes next?? FOOD and change of clothes!!!!

So lets fast forward shall we.

It starts getting dark. Not just any dark but FUCKING DARK. My second lap isn’t until around midnight!! SHIIIIIIIIIIT!! OH MAH GAH OH MAH GAH OH MAH GAH!!! I was determined NOT to have a complete meltdown like I did last year. I had a flash light and a brighter head lamp this year and I wasnt running my longest lap. I should be fine right?? Well I must have pushed myself to the max on my first lap because my knee was SCREAMING not too long after and it didn’t stop. Anthony comes running into the Shute and its time for me to go… off into the deep dark woods… and IM BLACK on top  of that. Was there fear?!?! HELL YES!!! I take the bib and try to run but my knee was NOT having it. I basically limped for almost 6 miles!!! 4 of those miles I was in the dark… somewhere in the woods… BY MY DAMN SELF!! I may have peed my pants a little… twice. Just a tinkle… not a full fledge piss. Ill tell you why. When you are running with a water pack… the water in your pack sounds like feet behind you!!! When you turn around though to see all there is around you is darkness. You hear every noise, your breathing all of a sudden sounds SUPER loud. I didn’t have any full fledge breakdowns though. Finally at the last mile marker I ran or should I say limped into a guy who had sprained his ankle. So both of us hobbled the last mile. Coming up on the curve we looked up and bright red and green lights were twinkling in the trees. I had to stop “Wait… I see lights… You see them too right?? Im not the only one. ” He was like “Yeh I see them” THANK YOU GOD!!! I took the biggest breath and we attempted to book it across the finish line. So handing off the bib I looked up and saw a familiar face but couldn’t believe he was standing there. Angel. ANGEL… I could have cried. I was so damn happy to see someone waiting. I didn’t even say anything to him. I just walked up and hugged him. He was like “I know you are tired. Go rest.” Later he was like “when you crossed that line. It was like you had totally checked out. Your eyes were 2 times the size they normally are and you were glazed over. Like you saw a ghost or something.” I was like “DUDE!!! I just hobbled for 6 miles… IN THE DARK and I was scared shitless!!! So when I saw you, I just knew I was hallucinating!!!”

I made it to my tent and Bridget was snoring. It was like after 130 in the morning. I stripped out of everything and changed to clean sweats, climbed into my slippery ass sleeping bag and CRASHED… for a whopping 3 hours. FUCK!!!!! I was NOT a happy camper when I woke upimg_7049I was cold, hurting, aching all over, TIRED and mentally done!!! My last lap was at like 10. 3 miles. That was 3 of the LONGEST miles of my LIFE!!! Do you hear me?!?!?! Shit never ended!!! But I did it!!! My team pulled through!!! WE finished 100 something miles of awesome torture.

My team… my super awesome amazing team. I can’t remember everyones name but when I tell you we went out there and gave EVERYTHING that we had… WE GAVE EVERYTHING!!! This years Ragnar was amazing because the weather was 10 times better than last year. The food was better this year and my team was amazing. I also saw more black people than I had ever seen at a race!!! That gave me ALL OF MY LIFE!!! But for real. I run these races to prove something to myself. There is still that little shy 3rd grader who just wanted to make everyone like her. That shy little third grader who was told by her teacher that she wasn’t good enough. I run these races to prove to that little girl “Honey you can do anything and damn it you are amazing!!!” Will I do this race again… HELL YES because it can only get better and better.fullsizeoutput_ff2