Challenge Accepted

Whats up blogging world?!?!?!?!?!?! Guess wha???t I had two challenges this weekend. One was running the City Challenge in Jersey City. Two was going out with friends. Friday I made it home from work and IMMEDIATELY chugged two giant margaritas and followed that with a GIANT plate of nachos. It was totally called for. I spent Friday night doing laundry and watching sappy hallmark movies. Saturday morning rolls around and my alarm is screaming “SOCIAL DAY SOCIAL DAY!!! TIME TO GET UP AND BE SOCIAL TODAY!!!!!” It didn’t actually say that but might as well have. I shut it off 3 times. I dragged myself off of my sofa, put on my running gear and headed out to Jersey City.  Its like a 25 minute train ride HOWEVER my dumb ass got off at the WRONG STOP!!! **face palm** That meant I had to take a taxi to the venue!!! That was 10 bucks!!! Anyway I made it there and it was FLIPPIN COLD! I saw my run buds Hershey, Crystal, Mark,  Kristine and Jen. I drop my bag at bag check and hurry to get in line because well… I was late and needed to get a move on. I didn’t even have time to stretch!!

On my way to Jersey

Stretching didn’t matter because I ran the race and completed every obstacle there was!!! I had trouble on one and that was the inverted wall. I got stuck and couldn’t pull my body over. This random guy offered to help and here is what happened

Guy: Do you need some help?

Me: Yeh. Im stuck. Just give me a boost over.

Guy: **Runs to get behind me** Ummm where do you want me to uhhh. How do I push?

Me: Just push my butt!

Guy: I uhhh. Umm are you sure?? I uhh…


He pushed me over and all went well. I made the rig for the most part and did rope climb!!! YES!!! Freaking sandbag carry weighed a TON!!!! But I FINISHED!!! For a second I thought of doing a second lap… and then said “NOPE” Weeeellll Crystal found me and said “Run a second lap.Come on. We are lining up in 15 minutes” Well damn. I couldn’t punk out so I ran lap two… or walked. I walked a lot of lap two. My body was hurting and my knee was KILLING ME!!!! Obstacles and pavement do NOT agree with my body AT ALL.  I finished lap two and guess who I saw at the end?? CARMEN and CISCO!!!! Now these two are a part of the small group of people I enjoy being around AND they love donuts as much as I do!!! YES Y’ALL!!!

Walked or should I say LIMPED away with two medals!!!

I hung out for a little bit and then said “ehhh let me head home so I can take a quick nap”… I didn’t nap. You know what I did?? I went and gorged on AAAAALLLL of the fried food with my old childhood friend Angela and her husband. When I say we ate AAAALLLLLL of the fried food… we tried some of everything that was fried and turned our noses up to anything that looked Remotely healthy!! “Oh that has veggies??? NEEEXXT!!” “That one is deep fried in crisco?? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!! LORD JESUS THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING!!!” Sitting and laughing with these two was so much fun and it was just like old times!!! We laughed at the same shit we used to laugh about as little pip squeak kids.

I hated to say goodbye to these two but they had naps to catch up on and I had a date with my shower, sofa and hallmark channel. You ever taken a shower and just turned on the hot water?? No cold water mixed in?? That shower was like FIRE and I LOVED IT!!!! OH MAH GAH!!! I threw on my trusty sweats and proceeded to lay spread eagle on my sofa. The only things I could move were my fingers to change the channel and I was able to turn my head… Thats IT!!! 8p hits and I hit snooze on my phone. 815 comes around and I snooze again. Finally 830 comes and I had to roll myself off of my sofa and struggle into a pair of jeans and a sweater. I fluffed my hair, painted my face and hit the subway because IT WAS CHELSEA’S BIRTHDAY and no way in hell was I missing that!!! I limped all the way to the train, and all the way to the karaoke bar. I am so damn happy that I went. I laughed non stop. I didn’t get on stage (stage fright) but I did plenty of dancing and singing from my seat at our table area. SUCH A GREAT NIGHT!!!

The party ended for me around 1. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home!!! I made it home around 2 and CRASHED… on my sofa. I did not wash my face or tie my hair up. I barely made it out of my clothes and into sweats. I face planted on my sofa and didn’t wake until around 9ish. Even then… I just moved my fingers to turn on the TV and turned my head to see because… GOLDEN GIRLS!!! Im so sorry but that show is LEGIT!!!! I can watch it all damn day!!!! Around 3 I decided enough was enough and it was time to clean. So I Cleaned my apartment and folded the Mount Fuji of laundry. Then I went back to face plant on my sofa. Nowhere in that time span did I attempt to brush my teeth, shower or comb my hair. I looked like an abused barbie doll and gave ZERO CRAPS about it!!!!! HAHAHAHA!


The best Kind of Torture

This weekend basically consisted of one very important activity. CITIFIELD SPARTAN SPRINT!!! I was ready… sort of. My original plan was to run ONE lap. ONE ONE ONE!! A friend of mine was like “Im running with RWB at 2. RUN WITH US!!!” I was like “Uhhh sure ok. Im racing at 8:30a so I should be cooled down and ready to go by 2” That first lap around, through, under and above Citifield kicked my ass!!! OH.MAH.GAH. That race was NO PUNK but I finished in good time and only had to do 60 burpees. The damn rope and spear throw. I swear they greased that rope before the race started. I always miss spear throw but I NAILED everything else. There were so many damn stairs you guys. I was so damn sick of stairs by the end of that race!!! It took me just under an hour and half to cross that finish line. I came in 15 out of 40 in my age group. GO ME!!!! My body was SHOT but I ran into so many of my friends!!! I said hi to everyone and then walked over to the bar with some friends from my running group. That lead me to my friend Stephen who finished his race before me. I had one drink, a few bites of left over pretzel and the fries that he didnt finish.  I talked him into staying and hanging out. “Stay please!!!! Just till 12:30 and then you can go.” He huffed and puffed but we had BOTH decided that we WERE NOT running a second lap. SCREW THAT!!! We met up with more friends who were running with RWB at 2p. 12:30 came and went and 12:45 struck and then it was “Run with us. You are running. Go suit up” Wait… what?!?!?!? How did this happen?!?!?!?! Stephen blames me and I blame him. To make a long story sort of short… We ran lap two. I did better strength wise but time wise sucked because my body literally said “SCREW YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! Giving you a leg cramp right now heffa!!!!  I moaned, griped, cursed but I FINISHED AND made it  up the rope since I failed it on lap one!!! I walked away with two medals, one shirt, and crazy leg cramps. Went home, took the hottest shower on the face of the planet, climbed in bed and the next thing I know… Im KNOCKED OUT!!! Mouth was open and everything all before 9p!!!! What sucked is that I couldn’t curl up in fetal position. I had to sleep like a board because the minute I tried to bend something… cramps would set in IMMEDIATELY!!!! I woke up this morning and all I could do was stare at my ceiling. It took forever to get moving but I did it. Now I have two giant bruises on the backs of my legs and I’m walking like the tin man. I also have great memories because RWB was the BEST TEAM to run with EVER!!!!  Now… I am done racing until JUNE!!! How am I treating myself for my birthday?? Running the toughest sprint there is. YES!!!!!

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This race was no joke. When I race I ALWAYS race for a purpose. Whether I am running for someone or taking a stance, every race is for a purpose. I have dedicated races to Black Lives Matter, Sandra Bland and a good friends mother who had passed away. This race was for two people that I am very close to. Vera  and  Talbot are two very special people to me and I will continue to race in their honor. Life is throwing them a curve ball but I know God has everything under control and will help them beat the odds.