All my races end in Texas

The great blogosphere we meet again!!! Okee dokee so this past weekend I ran my very last race of the year. The Spartan Beast. 14+ miles of “I HATE THIS SHIT” I arrived in DFW Friday around 530p.I walked off that plane looking like a girly tomboy because thats how I roll when I travel. Im all about SUPER COMFORT… and red lipstick when I travel. I even threw in some big hoop earrings. Whats hilarious is that when I was pulling out of the rental parking lot the guy goes ” Hi sir… Oh my gosh  I mean ma’am. How are you today??” I laughed so damn hard and told him. “Its ok. I am dressed like a dude. But I am all woman.”

ANYWAY…I was all excited that my parents invited me out for fried shrimp!!! HELL YES AND DADDY PAYS?!?!?! SOLD!!! Well apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough through the airport because as soon as I hopped in my rental I got a call “Hey you might want to pick something up to eat. We ate and are on our way home” THE HELL?!?!?!?! What just happened?!?!?!? You had my lips all ready to devour an entire plate of fried shrimp and then you just gone cut me out?!?!? What kind of foolery is this?!?!?!?! So I had to settle for good ole chicken express. Lets back up a minute though. Lets talk about getting from DFW to South Arlington. What kind of devils work is going on?!?!?! There was construction EVERYWHERE and new bridges and roads that weren’t there a month ago. I was so damn lost for a hot minute. And then I found my way to 820 and then 287 and I was home free baby!!! YAAAAS!!!! Chicken express here I come!!! So I get to chicken express and its “Uhhh yeh can I get the three piece… all wings and like 5 biscuits??”  I made it to the rents house, busted open my box of chicken and ate it all while PRETENDING it was an order of JUMBO fried shrimp. Im still a little salty about that. WHATEVER… MOVING ONEAF8A195-25DC-4F02-BE37-E7733C28B5F8

So I stay up talking with mom for a bit and then the sand man hit me and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I THOUGHT I had set my alarm for 545 so I could be up early to head out to the race. Well… what had happened was, I set the time… but didn’t press “DONE” So I kind of overslept by an hour. I shot out of bed, threw on my race gear and proceeded to be in a semi panic because I had to pick up my friend Nicole  and stop by Walgreens.  We get to Walgreens only to realize that I FORGOT MY WATER PACK!!! **face palm** So we made a u-turn to get my water pack and then get Nicole. Oh and my entire family came along. When I say entire family I just mean my mom, dad and best friend. Im an only child sooo yeh.  We go scoop up Nicole at butt crack o’clock and head out to good ole Glen Rose for my early morning ass whooping. Ohhhh and it was gosh damn 32 degrees outside. OOOOOH MAH GAH!!! Nicole bought a Bag full of donuts so that made it a little better.

We get to the race and they let me get an earlier time slot!!! YES!! But holy crap I only had like 10 minutes to stretch and semi warm up. SHIT!!!! I handed my mom my belongings and mentally tried to prepare myself. IT WAS FUCKING COLD Y’ALL. 32 degrees. 32 FUCKING DEGREES!!! Whatever. I hopped over that wall and it was game on!!! I had master P blasting so I was straight. The MC made his speech and then it was time to haul. I did good. Started strong. Passed a few people and ran most of it. I made it over every wall and climbing frame with ease. Then came the water. ITS 32 DEGREES outside and we had water crossings… Like 4 or 5 of those damn things!!! I sucked it up and did what I had to do. By the time I would thaw out from one crossing there was another one for me to do.dallas 2 I made all sandbag carries with ease.dallas 1 Some kind of heavy kettle bell carry thing was easy.  I was good. Then around mile 8 or 9 my ass whooping kicked in. My knee said “SCREW YOU!!!” and proceeded to pinch and throb with every step I made. I hobbled along though. We hit the z wall. Im hurting, but its z-wall… I GOT THIS… or so I thought. I made it all the way to the end and slipped off one of the pegs. My body said “NO BURPEES or you will die” My brain said “I agree. Keep it moving” So I kept my black ass moving. After that it was downhill.  My knee pain only intensified and then leg cramps started kicking in. Mind you the entire week I drank enough water to fill the freaking Great Lakes!!! So I was inhaling pickle salts to kill the cramps. I made it through the first barbed wire easy. I failed monkey bars because I could NOT get a grip!!! I failed twister, Olympus, and spear throw. I SKIPPED MY BURPEES!!! Again my body kept saying “I WILL KILL YOU!!!” and my brain kept saying “Hear ya loud and clear. KEEP IT MOVING!!!” So I kept it moving. I made Hercules hoist and rope climb. I had to walk out of the second barbed wire because my leg cramped up and I could barely move. I mean really this race was just chewing me up and spitting me out left and right. After mile 10 I just kept repeating “Not today Satan. NOT today!!!!” When I saw that fire pit my only thought was “Please don’t cramp up. Please legs don’t give out. Please don’t eat it!!!” I made it!!!! YES LAWD!!!!

I literally kissed the ground as soon as I made it over and crossed that finish line. I got my medal and my mom, dad and family were waiting for me!!!IMG_3083

All I wanted was to change, go home take the hottest shower in the world and EAT AAAAAAALLLLL of the tacos!!!! I changed and we made it to the car… which had heated seats and Nicole gave me her blanket. It was like a nice warm hug from Jesus. Im so serious!!! Then it hit me “HOLD UP… We still have donuts!!!” Y’all… I ate 6 donut holes, two cinnamon twists, and two glazed donuts in under 15 minutes. NO REGRETS!!!! We made it home, I took the hottest shower on EARTH and then said “I NEED TACOS!!!!” Me, my mom and Nicole went to Joe T Garcias for food!!! I don’t have any photos of the tacos because I was eating as fast as the food was coming out. I had two enchiladas. 3 tostada things, two or three tacos, and two margaritas.  Oh and a ton of rice. Then Amanda showed up and it was school reunion!! HAHAHA!!! We talked and  laughed and laughed and talked and then laughed some more. Well by the time we finished eating and drinking I had the bright idea: “DUDE LETS GO TO WINSTAR!!!” Sooooo yeh we waited for my Aunt Sandy to join us and we all hopped in the rental car and headed to WINSTAR in Oklahoma. SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! I hopped from slot machine to slot machine and finally settled on the Ellen slot machine. Ellen was good to me!!! I ended up winning 300 dollars!!! IMG_7206

We stayed for a while and then said “Its time to go!!!” Well it was late and we were all doing everything in our power to stay awake!!! We talked about bogus crap just to keep our eyes open!” As soon as mom and I got home… I crashed.

Sunday morning!!!

I wake up early because I needed to get fed. I needed a word and I got it from Sean Reed!!! THANK YOU!!!! After service I went back to my parents house and said “Lets go mom. I have a late flight so we are good” We went for mani/pedi, and Ramen. Nothing like a good word, neon toes and good food to make the day brighter.

After ramen we went to go visit my little cousin and before we knew it… it was 4p. My flight was at 630p. We FLEW home!!! I had time to grab my bags quickly, give quick hugs and haul out of the door. I left my parents house at 415p. I was at DFW airport before 445p. Oh ya girl was MOVING!!! I was able to return my rental car, make it through TSA and to my gate by 545!!

The plane ride back to NYC was meh. It was cold and a FULL flight but I took two Benadryl so all I had to do was pull up the hood on my hoodie and it was lights out!!!

This past weekend SUCKED but it was amazing at the same time. This  was my first really long race to do alone. I saw some familiar faces out there but I was solo. I was running for me and no one else. Even though I skipped ALL of my penalty burpees and had to walk away from two obstacles due to extreme cramping, I gave everything I had!!! I was cold and miserable but I did it. There were times that I wanted to stop but I ran for the little shy girl who was always told by her 3rd grade teacher; “You aren’t good enough” Saturday… that little girl turned into a beast!!! 7A58D47A-B735-4DA1-9ABF-6CDF64B3F6A7


Special with No Limits

This afternoon was EPIC!!!!  Why?? Because your girl hit the beach for surfing again!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?! YES Y’ALL!!! Here’s the thing. Someone telling me to try surfing is like saying “I dare you to do it. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU” Why??? Because I don’t know any black people that surf!!!  Hell a lot of black people won’t even swim in a pool let alone venture all the way out in open water. Yesterday I did surfing for the first time. My instructors name was Ry and he was this gorgeous white dude who was super nice. Well today when I went and signed in they front desk people were like “YEEEEEAH YOU CAME BACK!!!!” I even got high fives!!! Then they said that Ry told the owner to take on my lesson today because I was awesome and couldn’t believe I had never surfed before. Do you know how freaking awesome I felt. So I checked in and had a seat on the dunes to watch every one else and listen to my music while I waited. I also wrote in my journal. I started getting nervous because “What if I didn’t do good?” “What if yesterday was just a fluke?” SHIT!!! So what did I do?? I turned on my No Limit Soilder!!! Yeh boy.. Master P, snoop dog, and Mystikal had me turned AAAALLLL the way up. I went to change into my wetsuit and saw Ry… and yeh my whole awkward girl came out. I had no idea what to say or do. **face palm** Well I changed and then my instructor found me and took me out for my lesson. WHO KICKED ASS AGAIN!?!?!??! MEEEEEE!!! No one can tell me SHIT right now!!! Im a BEAST and my “Job” meaning the ENTIRE family came out to watch me surf and they were so damn excited!!! Pics were taken and EVERYTHING!! I spent a little over an hour out in the water. I caught some waves,I ate a few waves. But I did it and had sooo much freaking fun!! Surfing is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done and having really awesome instructors isn’t bad either… especially when one is really freaking cute. **bats eyelashes** The past two days have been AHHHHHH-MAZING!!!

Super Woman

OHHHHH MAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAH! My 2 days off so far have ROCKED… for the most part. Even though I am off, I’m still tuned into work because I hear any and everything that goes on in this house and sometimes I have to step in. Other than that my adventures have been WONDERMOUS!!!! My last off days here have been spent doing stuff that I never EVER thought I would do. Yesterday I ventured out and did paddle board yoga!!! Uhhh can we say AHHHHHH-MAZING!!!!! It was so much fun and such a great workout. I only fell off my board once and that was doing tree pose.  I did burpees, jumps, downward dog(think thats what they are called) chaturangas, even did a tripod without eating the board and water!!!!

Today though… TODAY. TO-MUTHA-FREAKIN_DAY Y’ALL… I SURFED!!!!! I was scared shitless but I did it!!! I did a few run throughs on the beach and my instructor was like “Dude you are fine. This will be easy for you. Lets go.” I was like “You sure??” He said “Nothing to it but to do it.” So he helped me paddle out and we waited for my first wave. My nerves were going and I just knew it was going to be disaster. He was like “Ok. Here it comes. Im going to push you and tell you when to go ok?” I was like “Ok.” The wave rolled in,he pushed and screamed “NOW… GO!!!!!” I pushed to standing, froze and then over I went. Water went over me and I came up… CRACKING UP!!!! I hopped on my board, paddled back out and did it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!! I actually surfed you guys!!!! Like I got up and cruised on top of water more than once!!! One time I made it to shore and was paddling back out when a giant wave caught me and flipped me over board and all. Not once but twice!!! As soon as I got came up for air and got back on my board the second wave rolled through and took me out again. HAHAHAHA!!! My instructor was like “Most people hate that but you came up laughing.” I was like “DUDE I LOVED IT!!!!” I went back and forth on the water catching as many waves as I could. It was the coolest thing I have EVER experienced. At one point I was like “HOLY CRAP!!! Im kind of walking on water!!!”

I accomplished two things I NEVER in my life thought I would do and I feel like gosh damn Wonder Woman do you hear me??? No one can tell me SHIT right now!!! I feel like a beast!!! Now I know tomorrow when I wake up my body is going to be singing a different tune but I could care less right now. There is nothing like KILLING what you thought was impossible. There is no greater accomplishment then KILLING one of your biggest fears. I have a fear of going too far out in open water…especially if I can’t see bottom. I could NOT see the bottom today. I have no clue what was swimming around my feet.I have no idea what was crawling in the sand that I was walking in. I have no idea what was in the water but I surfed and swam in the wide unknown and it was AMAZING and FREEING. I was able to let go of EVERYTHING for an hour and a half. For an hour and a half I was flying and guess what…. I’m doing it again tomorrow.