Walking on Water: Day 3

Day 3 in the wonderful Costa Rica y’all. DAY 3 DAY 3!!!! Day 3 started with me waking at the ass crack of dawn… No seriously I was up at 445a like I slept a full 15 hours and it was 9 in the morning.  Mom was basically dead to the world. I tried to move around quietly but that just wasn’t happening. I grabbed my journal and lap top and then headed outside to lay in the hammock. The breeze was AHHHH-MAZING and it basically just swung me into a nap… A good deep one at that because when my mom found me,  I had dried drool stuck to my face. HAHAHA!!! I clean myself up and we hit the cabana area for a cup of coffee. I made small talk with some cabin neighbors… Now let me tell you about this ish right here. This is a whole different paragraph.

Why hello there mommy

Ok So remember my first day here I made friends with the people in the cabin next to mine. Well girlfriend was nice but I could tell she wasn’t crazy about me. Why?? Because me and her man hit it off great and had a bunch of things in common regarding adventure and running. None of that shit was up her alley so she was giving me the evil eye. Energy wasn’t bad but I could feel it changing. Day 2  the boyfriend greeted me that morning and made conversation with me and she was quiet… Energy continued to shift. DAY 3… Boyfriend greeted my mom when he saw her and then turned all the way in his seat to talk to me when I walked up to the cabana for coffee. This chick straight went to her cell phone and didn’t say shit to me. And then glared a few times.  Look-a here you blonde dog bone heffa. I.DONT.WANT.YOUR.MAN!!!! He can’t do jack shit for me  and I wouldn’t want him to anyway. BUT if I was the super petty heffa  that I can be at times I WOULD be able to give you a run for your money so DO NOT get it twisted and DO NOT mess with me. ** Black girl magic twirl here**


My mom and I scheduled the rest of our adventures with our Hosts and then got ready for adventure number 1. SURFING!!!! Mom was GAME!!! WE got in our cab and trekked it out to Tamarindo. First we needed FOOD!!! We had tacos the night before so we needed something different. We settled on a cool sushi place. We got some kind of rice bowls and a just a really good veggie roll that had mango in it. SN: MANGO IS A LIFE CHANGER HERE!!!

MOVING ON!!! We walked around and found a cool sidewalk  and then chilled at the beach before our 2p surf lesson. So we had drank all this water and I was like “I GOTTA PEE!!! It took me FOREVER to find a bathroom!!! The first one I found didn’t have lights. I asked the girl “Hi… yeh… How do I turn on the light??” She goes “Oh it doesn’t work.” I was like “Ooooook so how am I supposed to find the toilet and then pee in toilet. And How am I supposed to see lingering bugs that sting or bite that aren’t supposed to be in here… PASS!” She just laughed. I walked smooth out and found another place where there was also no light but they had a window and that window gave enough light for me to see where my landing was. HAHAHAHA!!!

Letting these legs see the sun
Can we say “Relaxed”
Kick up
Walked on hands. Amazing if caught at the right moment, you cant tell I kicked back down a few seconds later. LOL
Getting the feet wet

So after chilling it was time to surf. We met our instructor Manuel. Yooo… He came walking around that corner with just board shorts, tattoos, and a ball cap and I was like “GOOD LAWD JESUS YOU ARE FINE!!!”  He got us fitted in our rash guards and gave us a board and said to follow him. You don’t have to tell me twice. We trudged down to the beach and he helped us get our boards settled before going into the basics of surfing. I didn’t really have trouble getting it but mom struggled a little with the pop up part. Finally she said “You know what… I’m out. I will sit on the board and watch how bout that.” Manuel tried to talk her into keeping it going but she shut that down quick y’all. He was pleased with what I was doing so he said “Lets go” We picked up the board and headed out to the water and that is where the awesomeness began. Y’all I surfed!!!! Like for real surfed!!! For a minute I was like “I wonder if this is how Jesus felt?” It was awesome!!! The tide kicked in after about 45 minutes and I got rolled A LOT!!! A few times I wiped out and I could here Manuel scream “YOU OK??” And I would pop up with a smile and give him a thumbs up. I kept it going though.  2 hours later I finished with the biggest smile on my face

Walking out of the water like a SURFING BOSS
Check that smile y’all
My super hot instuctor


Surfing did me in Yo!!! My poor little beat up body!!! EVERY… EV-ER-Y MUSCLE in my body was screaming and I did NOT care because  I had so much fun!!!! We made it home to shower and relax before heading off to my favorite hole in the wall restaurant that I was introduced to. This time when we went they had a guard dog. HAHAHA!!! Someone started shooting off fire works and watchdog took off barking like “HEY HEY!!! I DONE TOLD Y’ALL ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT!!! DONT MAKE ME… THATS IT IM COMING FOR YO ASS!!!!!! **insert manic barking **

After an amazing dinner we made it home where we both changed to our pjs and climbed into bed in under 3 minutes flat. I think we were both sleep before 10. GOOD LAWD!!!!! Stay tuned for day 4.


Special with No Limits

This afternoon was EPIC!!!!  Why?? Because your girl hit the beach for surfing again!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?! YES Y’ALL!!! Here’s the thing. Someone telling me to try surfing is like saying “I dare you to do it. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU” Why??? Because I don’t know any black people that surf!!!  Hell a lot of black people won’t even swim in a pool let alone venture all the way out in open water. Yesterday I did surfing for the first time. My instructors name was Ry and he was this gorgeous white dude who was super nice. Well today when I went and signed in they front desk people were like “YEEEEEAH YOU CAME BACK!!!!” I even got high fives!!! Then they said that Ry told the owner to take on my lesson today because I was awesome and couldn’t believe I had never surfed before. Do you know how freaking awesome I felt. So I checked in and had a seat on the dunes to watch every one else and listen to my music while I waited. I also wrote in my journal. I started getting nervous because “What if I didn’t do good?” “What if yesterday was just a fluke?” SHIT!!! So what did I do?? I turned on my No Limit Soilder!!! Yeh boy.. Master P, snoop dog, and Mystikal had me turned AAAALLLL the way up. I went to change into my wetsuit and saw Ry… and yeh my whole awkward girl came out. I had no idea what to say or do. **face palm** Well I changed and then my instructor found me and took me out for my lesson. WHO KICKED ASS AGAIN!?!?!??! MEEEEEE!!! No one can tell me SHIT right now!!! Im a BEAST and my “Job” meaning the ENTIRE family came out to watch me surf and they were so damn excited!!! Pics were taken and EVERYTHING!! I spent a little over an hour out in the water. I caught some waves,I ate a few waves. But I did it and had sooo much freaking fun!! Surfing is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done and having really awesome instructors isn’t bad either… especially when one is really freaking cute. **bats eyelashes** The past two days have been AHHHHHH-MAZING!!!