I LOVE LOVE LOVE being black. There are so many different shades and dimensions that its unfreaking real. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I know I talk about loving yourself every couple of blogs but thats because I’m really serious about it and its something that hits home with me. I used to be ashamed of my color but now I LOVE the different shades of me. I hated going outside in the summer because I have what I refer to as “Insta-tan” Ten minutes in the sun and Im already 3 shades darker. No joke. I can wear all the sunscreen in the world… SPF 100… Does NOTHING for me!!! I remember when I would go to the pool with my friends I would lie on the beach chair and cover my body with a towel and just leave my hair out.  I didn’t want to get darker. Even when I was 30 I wore HUGE hats so I wouldn’t get darker. Guess what… IM DONE!!! Summer is not my favorite time of year… but thats because I don’t like being hot. Ohhhh honey me and heat do NOT mix at all. But my color yooooooo. My tan is UNREAL!!!! The past few years I have really really been embracing who and what I am. I haven’t really given two shits what others think of me because their opinions don’t matter. Someone out there will LOVE my magic chocolate charm and I can’t wait to meet that lucky man!!!! I’ve had like SERIOUS sit down moments with myself to embrace everything about me. Summer turns my skin this AMAZING bronzed mocha!! I have a LOT of red tones in my skin during the summer. During the cooler months I have more yellow tones.  Boy the red comes OUT in the summer. My skin is this rich dark chocolate but the hair on my arms turns blonde and thats what gives me the bronzed glow.  My hair… My hair is like its own being. FOR REAL.   I have like NO control over this head. HAHAHAHA!!! Its naturally this light sandy brown color. The summer sun turns it gold with blonde highlights. I haven’t seen my natural hair color in a while because I keep it dyed black. Well its been months since I have used a box of hair color and baby this sandy hair of mine is SHOWING OUT!!! The top is bleached so its really an awesome mix of colors I have going on. The tips of my eye lashes turn blonde so I HAVE to keep mascara on them because other wise it looks like I set them on fire. The only thing that I am NOT crazy about is that I now sunburn. OHHHH MAH GAH! I burn on my arms!!! Nowhere else. Just my arms!!!

LOVE WHO YOU ARE!! Love yourself. No one can really show you love until you love yourself. Its the stride in your step. The set of your shoulders, the way you hold your head up high, the smile that you show the world and the energy that you radiate. YES!!!!