Kick Off

Thursday started my vacation. YES!!! I worked for a few hours and then headed home. My mom arrived late Thursday night. So to kick off my vacation the RIGHT way, I told my mom: “Yo we gotta be up by 4-4:30 so we can make it to Central Park by 6 so we can go see Pitbull.” Now my mom LOVES her some Pitbull. There is something about this Puerto Rican man that does something for her. HA!!! She turns into a total fan girl when his music comes on. Its hilarious!!

We woke up at 4, made it to Central Park by 530 and were in line ready to GO!!! We were standing near the back of the line until the Security guy told everyone to move in. Sooooo me and mom moved in… meaning we walked our happy asses to the FRONT of the line. We  had to stand there for like 30 minutes until the gates opened. When those gates opened we did the granny speed walk all the way to the front of the stage. We were right behind the VIP area and RIGHT at the gate that was around the stage. Basically front row standing


So we talked and laughed with a few people around us. There was a group of annoying young girls behind us talking about their drunken escapades and they were talking really loud. They elbowed us a couple of times trying to get the perfect selfie so instead of slapping them like I wanted to… I made sure my black ass was all up in their picture smiling from ear to ear. Uggggh rude people annoy the crap out of me. ANYWAY we are standing out here waiting for my moms dream man to appear and it starts to DOWN POUR!!! My mom looked like a drowned long haired chihuahua and I looked like a drowned poodle. Did we care??? HELL NO because it was a PITBULL concert. 815 comes around and this happensIMG_0597

Thats right people. I like some of his music. There is something about it that makes your body move. His voice… I know he is Puerto Rican and I think he is from Miami but when he talks it almost has a slow New Orleans drawl to it… Until he speaks in Spanish… OH MAH GAH!!! To make a long story short… His voice will MELT your panties off. He could talk to me ALL DAMN DAY  about absolutely nothing and I would swoon. Yeh its thats good you guys. His concert was AMAZING!! I got to see my mom LOSE.HER. SHIT for an hour and half and it was HILARIOUS!!! She was fan girl for most of it but when he sang “Fireball”… She LOST IT!! His energy is amazing. He keeps the party going the entire time he is on stage and he seems like a really nice man. He was very humble and it was AWESOME to share it with my mommy because she is a HUGE FAN!!!  She wanted to make a sign and I was like “NOPE because I know its going to say something like ‘Pitbull, be my baby daddy!!!’ NOPE NOPE NOPE You will NOT Embarrass me”. HA!!! By the end of the morning we were SOAKED because of the rain, smiling because of the music and energized from the experience.

I would say that this is an awesome KICK START to my vacation. Now I am sitting in my pool with my mom eating grilled cheese sandwiches and drinking coffee. Oh yeh its a great start to my vacation.