Whats up good people. Its been nonstop work so I haven’t really had time to write. I also haven’t really had anything to write about because its basically been all work and you guys DO NOT want to hear about that.  I am a nanny so its the same ole same ole. Anyway what is different is that WE ARE IN NANTUCKET!!!!

You know I’m gearing back up for work mode when the head wraps come out.

I.LOVE.BEING.HERE!!!! If there were more black people, I had a shit ton of money and was able to quit working and just live… I would probably move here. I have discovered that I am becoming more of a small town beach woman the older I get. Yes I love the ease of having everything at my fingertips while in the city BUT small town beach life is so freaking relaxing and you still have everything that you need.  Nantucket has everything that I need and its on the water. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water. Its soothing and MAN have I needed soothing. Today was my first off day since getting back from vacation. I have been GO GO GO GO GO since I came back into work a week ago.  I WASN’T READY**said in my Kevin Hart voice**


Back to work. The dark circle game is REAL!!!

Today I woke up at 545am like I do every morning. Kids woke between 630a-7a. I got them dressed  and ready to go and then my boss came out and said “You have the day off.” Uhhh you don’t have to tell me twice!!! DEUCES!!!!! I ran upstairs changed into my running gear, loaded up my music and hit the road. I ran 2.27 miles to the beach. I haven’t really ran in MONTHS!!! Like a solid run… yeh its been awhile. Today I plugged in Busta Rhymes and Outkast and hit the pavement. When I reached the beach, my body let out this swoosh of air. Yes I was tired but it was more than that. My body literally released all of the tension that I had been holding in. I walked to the sand and had a seat at the top of the sand dune. I pulled my knees up to my chest, snapped a selfie and then put my phone away and took out my ear buds.

I let the sound of the waves drown out every negative thought, every frustration that’s been nagging at me and all of the constant voices that surround me. I let the wind blow away all of the negative energy. I let the sun shine down on me and recharged my depleted life battery. I just… Sat. For 20 minutes I sat with my face turned up to the sky and eyes closed. For 20 minutes I let nature do what it is meant to do. For 20 minutes I let God work through me. For 20 minutes I sat in complete peace. Ahhhhh man it was amazing.

When I got home and looked in the mirror, you could tell that the sun had basically made love to my skin. I was 3 shades darker!!! I was wearing SPF 100 sunscreen!!! My bronzed chocolate glow was ON POINT!!! God thank you for my melanin!!!! I showered fluffed my hair and went out for coffee and a cranberry lemon muffin. I made it back home in time to be here when one of the kiddos needed her nap.

When it was ok for me to bounce again, I hopped on the bike and rode into town.There is something about riding a bike that is freeing. Turns you into a kid again. The wind in your face and the burn in your legs from peddling like hell. The sun beating down on you. Its all great until a giant bug flies in and gets stuck in your fro. Yes you guys I had to pedal and fish a bug out of my fro!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Today was beyond relaxing. The hardest thing about today was not consuming dairy, or sugar. I wanted an adult beverage so damn bad. There’s an ice cream shop on every corner and I had to pass them all!!! **Silent sobs**


This summer I am doing everything to get my life right. I’m so freaking out of whack in every way possible. I might look like I have my shit together… I DON’T.  I REALLY DON’T. I’m doing everything I can to be more than  halfway put back together by the time summer is over though. Best believe that.



You would think with the title that I was getting laid… I’m not. However I am OFF FROM WORK!!! YES.GOD!!! I know every week I say “This has been the longest week of my life” but THIS WEEK HERE… has been JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL PLEASE!!! I am off through Friday, work Saturday, Sunday and then Im off the following week. THE.WHOLE.DAMN.WEEK. I will be back in NYC, in my apartment, in my silence, in my space, in my happiness!!! YES LAWD!!! There will be no one calling me every 5 minutes. There will be no tantrums. There will be no shit. There will be no crying. There will be no wooooo saaaaaaawing. Its going to be me myself and I. Like I could bust out in the whop right now… I’m THAT excited!!! KIKI NEEDS A BREAK!!! I need to turn completely off!!! OFF!!! Like I don’t want to answer my phone, email or ANYTHING for a week. I want to go off grid!!! Mid week I will emerge and do some fun things but I know I’m not doing ANYTHING for a good 3 days!! The only things catching AAAALLLLLL of my attention during this time will be sleep, meditating, sleep, tv, sleep, donuts, sleep… Did I mention sleep already?? The thought of sleeping with NO interruptions or worry is damn near orgasmic. YES YES YES!!!!

Tomorrow I am starting with sleeping until at least 7 and then its off to Paddle board yoga. I Love paddle boarding. Im starting to like yoga… So why not combine the two??

Thursday is going to consist of me and a surf board… I think. I forgot to book the lesson but I will call tomorrow to see if I can get it set up.

Friday I am hoping to chill and bike around the island, shop, eat, chill, drink, chill, and chill.

I work Saturday and Sunday and then Monday is the beginning of FREEDOM!!!