Who Would Have Thought

What it do blogging world?!?!?!? Its been a quick minute but Im back… at least for tonight. No telling how long it will be for the next post. So this past weekend I ran the Terrain race. It was in Brooklyn and I ended up joining a great team to run with. I pushed myself and beat EVERY obstacle that was there. SHUT.YOUR.FACE!!! Yes y’all!!! I even beat the mutha F($#%^* RIG!!! I have never in my LIFE beat a rig and to nail that one at the terrain race mean no one could tell me SHIT for the rest of the day. I felt like a freaking BEAST!!! **flexes guns** I dedicated this race to Jordan. The 15 year old black boy shot in the head and killed in Texas. And I dedicated it to Black Lives Matter. I do that for EVERY… EVERY race that I run.

Now let me go back in time… Like WAAAAAAAAAY back. I was a SUPER girly girl when I was younger. My dad wanted me to play soccer and all these sports and I was like “Can I do baton twirling??? Ooh GYMNASTICS!!!!” I did both actually. Whatever. I was NOT your super outgoing athletic child… Sports just never really crossed my radar. I was always outside playing but it was like jumping rope  and roller skating, twirling a baton and then gymnastics in my Grandmothers front yard. There was one spot that I WORE OUT!!! Like to the point of no return. Grass stopped growing in that spot because I had wore it down to dust. She always had this immaculate green lawn… with a big ass dirt patch to the left. (my tumble spot) I was SUPER SHY and just not super outgoing. Who would have thought that the shy, goofy non athletic child would take interest in something like OCR?!??!?! Growing up I was the slowest runner (even though I thought I was grease lightning) Wasn’t coordinated for soccer or basketball or softball. Everyone assumes that I played basket ball and ran track. Homey don’t let this long body fool you. I did NONE of that!!HAHAHA.  Who would have thought that the super shy not so athletic child would actually find a twisted kind of joy running endless miles through mud and God knows what?? Who would have thought that the little chocolate girl would with the big teeth and giant ponytails would do alright in such a weird sport where you have to have some kind of coordination??!?! Not I!!! This started out as just something fun to do, just to see if I could do it. Then in morphed into this. “MUST.RUN.OCR. Monster!!!” If I can find a race on Groupon then its good as added on my calendar. Looks can be deceiving. Even my parents look at me sometimes like “Where did this child come from?? She is ours because she looks just like us but… Did we miss a memo somewhere?? Why does she do this crap?!?!?! I do it to prove that I can. I do it… because Im bored. I do it because its one of the things that holds my super short attention span.I do this… because I feel like BEAST and I never had that feeling as a kid.

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So Friday I flew to Houston. I popped two Advil PM’s about an hour before the flight so I was good and sleepy for boarding. I lasted maybe 2 minutes of the safety demo before it was lights out. Not just any lights either… Zipped my hoodie up to my nose and pulled my hat over my eyes. GAME. OVER!!!

So maybe half way through the flight we hit turbulence. Not just any turbulence but the MOTHER of all!!! My chocolate life flashed behind my closed eyes and I woke(eyes still closed) to say a really long prayer. I just knew I was DONE!! I had that “So this is how Im going out Lord??” moments. I prayed that the rain would stop enough for me to race the following day. IT DID… Sort of. There was a steady drizzle that would not let up.

Saturday morning I woke earlier than  I was supposed to and then had the breakfast of champs while in full race gear. I drove to the race venue and the rain got a little heavier… but it wasn’t cold so I didnt care!!! IMG_3480When I run I run for a reason. I have a cause. I run for Black Lives Matter. Im black and my life matters. I run for the lives lost. I run for the innocent lives taken. I run for those who were not given a chance.  I will always run for BLM and I will never change that. I got out there and give everything that I have for those who can’t. I went out there PUMPED the hell up. I had my earbuds in blasting Hamilton Mixtape. I was in full gear and I was READY!!! I checked everything in, cut on my camera and said “LETS DO THIS!!!” I hit the first wall and my feet slipped from under me. SHIT!!! I’m going to die on this course!!! That was my thought. I normally have no problems with walls. I have this technique where I use my freakishly long legs to get over every wall… It didnt work this time!!! I was being taken down a peg at every turn. The air was thick with humidity, everything was slick with thick mud. There were no traction, no grip… NOTHING!!! I didnt stop though. I pushed myself.  failed four obstacles! Thats 120 freaking burpees!!! Do you know how long its been since I have had to do more than 60 burpees?!?!?!?! I failed monkey bars which I never fail. I failed some new wall thing. I failed spear throw… Now I actually nailed it but it fell out. Talk about PISSED OFF!!! I also failed the rig. I nailed everything else though. I thought rope was going to give me some issues but I made it up with no problems. The only problem was trying to get down without getting rope burn on my legs. I have never been so happy to see a fire pit in my life!!! Oh it was greatness!!! Yesterday humbled me and my OCR game. It took me down a few notches and I am ok with that because anybody can get comfortable and cocky. God has a way of saying  “Hold up heffa… Let me put you in check really fast.” He put me in check. I DID finish in a faster time than last year. I clocked 1:38. I was number 300 something out of over 800 women!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?!? Thats grease lightning in my book!!!

After the race I hung out with an old friend who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. We laughed, talked shit, and it was amazing. Then I showered… And got all of the crap off of me and met up with a friend from my running group. That resulted in more laughs, and light hearted conversation about everything from racing, to politics, to farting… when its not really a fart. I crashed around midnight and woke up this morning with a purpose… SHIPLEY DONUTS!!! I found my donut haven

I got to hang out with another old friend and have an amazing time  before heading out to the airport. My body you guys… my body hurts like it has never hurt before. I think every muscle that I have is rebelling against me right now. It hurt to lift my arms going through TSA. It hurt to hobble away. It hurt to take my shoes off and on. It hurts to breathe!!! Lord Jesus  give my body some rest. I just popped two Advil PMs because I am looking to zip this hoodie back up and sleep the entire flight. I am sitting in the very back of the plane of a full flight. I don’t want to be bothered.

The best Kind of Torture

This weekend basically consisted of one very important activity. CITIFIELD SPARTAN SPRINT!!! I was ready… sort of. My original plan was to run ONE lap. ONE ONE ONE!! A friend of mine was like “Im running with RWB at 2. RUN WITH US!!!” I was like “Uhhh sure ok. Im racing at 8:30a so I should be cooled down and ready to go by 2” That first lap around, through, under and above Citifield kicked my ass!!! OH.MAH.GAH. That race was NO PUNK but I finished in good time and only had to do 60 burpees. The damn rope and spear throw. I swear they greased that rope before the race started. I always miss spear throw but I NAILED everything else. There were so many damn stairs you guys. I was so damn sick of stairs by the end of that race!!! It took me just under an hour and half to cross that finish line. I came in 15 out of 40 in my age group. GO ME!!!! My body was SHOT but I ran into so many of my friends!!! I said hi to everyone and then walked over to the bar with some friends from my running group. That lead me to my friend Stephen who finished his race before me. I had one drink, a few bites of left over pretzel and the fries that he didnt finish.  I talked him into staying and hanging out. “Stay please!!!! Just till 12:30 and then you can go.” He huffed and puffed but we had BOTH decided that we WERE NOT running a second lap. SCREW THAT!!! We met up with more friends who were running with RWB at 2p. 12:30 came and went and 12:45 struck and then it was “Run with us. You are running. Go suit up” Wait… what?!?!?!? How did this happen?!?!?!?! Stephen blames me and I blame him. To make a long story sort of short… We ran lap two. I did better strength wise but time wise sucked because my body literally said “SCREW YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! Giving you a leg cramp right now heffa!!!!  I moaned, griped, cursed but I FINISHED AND made it  up the rope since I failed it on lap one!!! I walked away with two medals, one shirt, and crazy leg cramps. Went home, took the hottest shower on the face of the planet, climbed in bed and the next thing I know… Im KNOCKED OUT!!! Mouth was open and everything all before 9p!!!! What sucked is that I couldn’t curl up in fetal position. I had to sleep like a board because the minute I tried to bend something… cramps would set in IMMEDIATELY!!!! I woke up this morning and all I could do was stare at my ceiling. It took forever to get moving but I did it. Now I have two giant bruises on the backs of my legs and I’m walking like the tin man. I also have great memories because RWB was the BEST TEAM to run with EVER!!!!  Now… I am done racing until JUNE!!! How am I treating myself for my birthday?? Running the toughest sprint there is. YES!!!!!

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This race was no joke. When I race I ALWAYS race for a purpose. Whether I am running for someone or taking a stance, every race is for a purpose. I have dedicated races to Black Lives Matter, Sandra Bland and a good friends mother who had passed away. This race was for two people that I am very close to. Vera  and  Talbot are two very special people to me and I will continue to race in their honor. Life is throwing them a curve ball but I know God has everything under control and will help them beat the odds.

On My Grind

Ok so my OCR season officially started in March. It started with the Warrior Dash and then the Spartan Sprint in Houston. My NorthEast season starts this weekend and I could totally pee my pants… I am THAT excited!!! I am racing by myself again so we will see how I measure up to Houston times.  I have been going hard at the gym… Wait… I can’t sit here and tell you that lie. I didn’t work out all last week because the week before that I went to NJ and had my ass handed to me at a OCR class. I did good but I was on the verge of puking about 10 times in a matter of an hour. I started back on my game Saturday, Sunday and worked out yesterday as well.  Today I will probably hit the gym again. Tomorrow is a no go because thats hair braiding day and laundry. (Those two take a life time to complete) Hell braiding my hair is an entire arm workout.”How did you get your arms so buff??? Do you lift weights??” Nope its called “braiding this thick ass head of hair”. I am excited for the challenges that await me on Saturday. Spear throw, rope and the rig are my enemies BUT I really want to have a burpee free race on Saturday. If I can crush the rope climb then that will be the icing on the cake. Last year at Citifield was my first time to really attempt the rope. With the encouragement of some awesome teammates, I made it within a few inches of the bell… and then my body literally shut down. I couldn’t make my body move and had to burpee out. This time I plan to ring that damn bell. Spear throw is hit or miss. Some people make it EVERY TIME… I am not one of those people.  The “rig” is what I refer to as “Satans monkey bars”. It is a true test of upper body strength and mind.   The cool thing about this race is that it is an ass whooping and a half without mud. I am looking forward to taking the race DOWN. I am looking forward to the bruises and the awesome feeling of accomplishment. I accomplish something new at every race. The main thing that sucks about Citifield is all of the freaking stairs that we have to run. Its like stair master hell. Last year I didn’t want to see another set of stairs after that. What a kick to the head when I had to walk up and down stairs to catch my train and then stairs to get into my apartment. My legs basically shot me the middle finger and gave out on me when I made it to my room.I couldn’t move for almost 2 days.”MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!!!!” If you see me walking funny on Sunday it will because I got into a fight with a few walls, a rope, a giant cement ball, LOTS of stairs, monkey bars, box jumps, a heavy ass jump rope, a spear, water jugs, sand bags, etc and WON!!!


For the past two weekends I have been racing. I ran warrior dash weekend  before last and this past weekend I ran my first Spartan race of the season. Both races were AWESOME!!! Warrior dash was great because I ran with my childhood friend. She’s wanting to get into OCR and asked me to run with her. Like I can say no to that. DUDE BRING ON THE MUD!!!! We drove to Austin and had a blast!!!

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This past weekend I flew to Houston to race by myself. You guys I can’t even describe how awesome this experience was. I accomplished the unthinkable in my athletic world… I didn’t place dead last like I normally do. I actually placed pretty well for someone of my slacker workout standards. HA!!! 33 out of 138 women in my age group. I ranked 143 out of all 757 females and placed 743 out of over 2000 people. Now I know that is not elite standards by any means but this is GOLD for me. This course was awful and fun all at the same time. There was horse shit EVERYWHERE, mud was like quicksand, and it was just crazy gross but I LOVED every minute of it. I overcame so many things that used to give me trouble. This was the best race of my LIFE!!! The sense of accomplishment was UNREAL!!! I did ROPE climb y’all. 12 or so races and that rope has kicked my ass every time. Last weekend I gave that rope the middle finger, made my way up and rang that bell! I did Hercules hoist… almost by myself. I got the sandbag  half way up before I got some help. I normally can’t get it off the ground. I did atlas carry with no help. I nailed the monkey bars. I made it up every wall (had help on a few) I only missed spear throw and the rig. I DONT CARE THOUGH because I accomplished so much in those 2 hours. Everyone was like “Did you go out?? Did you celebrate?” Uhhh no I went to my room and ate my Frenchy’s chicken, showered and washed my gear, went downstairs for a drink, and then was sleep before 6p. It was just supposed to be a nap… Slept a full 13 hours!!! HA!! Look at the pictures you guys… Can you blame me?!?!?!?!

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Sunday rolls around and I get to spend time with my beautiful awesome cousins!!! So much fun and laugher. My body is still hurting and I just want to sleep this upcoming weekend away. I have plans for Saturday morning and then its back to bed I go!!! YES LAWD!! I was never really a sporty child. When I tried I just ended up being horrible and uncoordinated at everything…except for gymnastics. At 34 I have found a sport that I really do enjoy. I am not out there competing with anyone but myself. I am out there because regular running is the most boring thing in the world for my ADD. This keeps my attention and challenges me on a whole other level. For those who said I couldn’t, all I have to say is this : WATCH ME!!!

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Always finish with a smile