Motown Philly Back Again…

Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh!!!!! Whats up Blog world?!?!?!?! Don’t lie you know you started singing Boys II Men too!!! You just busted out all of your best 90s dance moves. How do I know??? Because I did the same thing when coming up with the title.  This weekend was much needed break for me. A sort of release. What did I do??? I went to Philly… to run a spartan race. How is that relaxing you ask?? I have no idea because nothing about that race was relaxing.  It was so much fun though!!! Bridget and I drove there. It what was supposed to be like an one and half hour drive turned into 3 hours because TRAFFIC IN THE CITY SUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!! S.U.C.K.S!!!


We made it to Philly around 9 and the first thing on our mind was: CHEESESTEAKS! We went to South street and drove around for 30 minutes looking for parking. Finally we said “Screw it” and paid 20 bucks to park. We walked for a bit and met up with two of her friends. From there we hit the holy grail of cheese steaks… JIMS. Let me take a minute to break down this place for you. IT.WAS.AMAZING!!! The vibe was out of the world. The service was simple and great and the food… LAWD the food!!! I had a cheesesteak with provolone cheese.


IT.WAS.MAGIC!!!! That cheesesteak gave me all of my life and they played good music the entire time we were there. I grooved while I chewed. Not going to lie… I lost all my cool when 702 came on. Took me back to freshman year at HPU jamming with my girls!!! Anyway after  eating and walking around we headed to our hotel because we needed sleep. Oh how we needed sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Sleep didn’t come until after midnight though because Bridget and I turn into 10 year old girls giggling at every little thing. Anything and everything had us in a fit of giggles for what seemed like forever.


I wake up at the ass crack of dawn because for some reason I thought that I had overslept. I was also really really excited to race because I haven’t raced since June. OH MAH GAH KHRYS IS BACK IN THE GAME!!!!!! Did I train like I was supposed to?? We all know the answer to that: HELL NO!!! I didn’t care though!! I WAS READY TO DO THIS!!! I was also excited because I always run for a reason. This race was dedicated to my Uncle Jeff. He passed not too long ago and I never got to say good bye. I ran because I knew it would make him proud. I also ran for what I always run for: Black Lives Matter. I run for those  beautiful black lives that were taken too soon. I push myself  because nothing that I go through will equal the pain that they felt. I run for them and will continue to as long as I have breath in my body.

Out of the 20 something obstacles we had, I only failed two!!! The rig and the spear throw. The rig is known to me as long leg hell. Its not very high off of the ground so the minute I get going, my feet drag and my body automatically thinks that its time to stand. Spear throw is known as “F*&$(# you” Everyone… EVERYONE.E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E LOATHES that damn obstacle. You know why??? Because there a 98% chance that you won’t hit the target. Well… I hit the target and then the damn thing fell out of the target. THE HELL?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!  I made everything else though. I ran with two awesome souls. Bridget and Tricia. We laughed a lot. We chatted a lot but most important we had fun and stuck together.


We were going to do a second lap but that heat was brutal and we said “Screw it. Lets go eat” We went to the bar under the stadium and met with all the other Nut job spartans. Bridget and Tricia caught up while Tricias husband Tom and I chatted and had our own sing offs. Thats right we belted out every song that came on over the speakers. We were having our Star Search moment( Do you remember that show?? Host was Ed Mcmann before he went to Publishers Clearing House). We also made up words to 98% of the songs because we didn’t know the words. In our defense though it was songs that NO ONE really knows the words to. I met up with other spartans from Facebook and friends that I have run or partied with at some point since moving here to NYC. One of those people that I ALWAYS love to see is Hershey. HERSHEY IS THE BOMB!!! Hershey is a ray of Latin Sunshine. She is a force all on her own and I love her.  She’s an amazing individual with a big heart. She is also that person that can talk you into doing some shit you had no intentions of doing. She got me once last year but I learned my lesson this year. She wasn’t able to pull me into doing lap #2 but I did get a hug. After many drinks, some bacon ranch fries  and a few hours of chatting; We all loaded up our things and hobbled to the hotel room where we all took turns taking naps while one of us showered. We laughed and joked a lot. We shared stories, soooo many laughs and just good energy. IMG_6794

We got all dressed up and went out to do what normal adults do: Meet with other adults and have a night of dinner and fun. We were meeting another set of Bridget’s friends later for dinner but we were HONGRY right then. We parked on South Street, got out in all of our cute girly glory and went to Lorenzo’s for pizza. This pizza… was UNREAL!!! It was the biggest slice of pizza I have ever seen in my LIFE!!! It took up 3 plates so me and Bridget split it.


We walked around South Street for a bit and then went downtown to meet up with Bridget’s friends at a restaurant that was farm to table. I forget the name of it but the place was amazing and the drinks were even BETTER. 9p hits and ALL of us are yawning!! 9P y’all. OFFICIAL OLD GEEZERS!!!! Tricia and her husband had to head back to Maryland and Bridget other friends had to head out because they had to be up early the following morning. That left me and Bridget. We went back and forth on “Do we go out?? Yes. Wait.. Im tired and my feet hurt… But we got CUTE for tonight!!! I don’t want to waste my pretty!!!!” Finally we settled on a drink at Del Friscos.” So drinks at Del Friscos ended with us waiting FOREVER for the bartender to take our order and the old white people next to me kept rolling their eyes and giving snooty looks. WHATEVER HEFFA!!! We were there maybe 30 minutes. We paid, grabbed our things and bounced.  But first we had to go see what I had been wanting to see since they installed it. We went to see the giant afro pick!!!!! YAAAAAAS!!! Y’all… It was EVERYTHING!!! That giant afro pick with the black power fist for the handle spoke VOLUMES to me. Embrace who you are. Be proud and STRONG  and fight!!! Be bold and not ashamed to be different. BE AMAZING!!! Embrace your black baby. Love your black. FIGHT for your black.


By the end of the night my feet WERE SINGING. The were singing in Mystikals voice “BITCH GET OFF ME!!!”  Bridget and I grabbed an uber to the hotel, changed to our comfy clothes and then went back down stairs to see if there were any cute guys at our hotel bar. There were NONE so we went back upstairs and crashed. CRASHED!!!


We woke up this morning, packed our things, put on comfy clothes and went to do what we do best. EAT!!! We hit up Morning Glory diner and basically ate our weight in waffles, pancakes, biscuits and bacon. NO REGRETS!!! We gave ZERO fucks and enjoyed EVERY BITE that we took.   I got the maple bacon waffles and hash brown. Bridget got some kind of egg and pancake special. After breakfast and three cups of coffee were were REVVED and ready to go explore more. We went to do what everyone else does. We went to the Rocky Stairs and ran them!!!! We made it to the very top, did our victory dance and then headed out to the indoor market for FOOD!!!!


I forget the name of the indoor market but its basically just FOOD!!! Booth after booth after booth after booth and they all served food!!! WINNING!!!! Our goal was to make it to Dinic’s. I had the brisket sandwich with provolone , spinach and some kind of broccoli. So we sat next to this lady who seemed nice.  My sandwich came out and I was about to take a bite when I heard this lady BELCH!!! She BELCHED y’all!!! The pictures will show you how it happened. I was like “Did this heffa just belch like no one would hear that?!?!?! You just belched like a 50 year old trucker who just finished six pack of beer!!!


That first bite CHANGED MY LIFE!!! God himself made that sandwich!!! SOOOOOO GOOD!!! After demolishing our late lunch, we walked for cupcakes and then headed home.



This weekend was AMAZING!!! I got to see old friends and make new ones. I got to see some of the most gorgeous black men I have ever seen. I ate some of the most amazing foods. I got to share my weekend with three amazing people. I can’t wait to do it all again


Challenge Accepted

Whats up blogging world?!?!?!?!?!?! Guess wha???t I had two challenges this weekend. One was running the City Challenge in Jersey City. Two was going out with friends. Friday I made it home from work and IMMEDIATELY chugged two giant margaritas and followed that with a GIANT plate of nachos. It was totally called for. I spent Friday night doing laundry and watching sappy hallmark movies. Saturday morning rolls around and my alarm is screaming “SOCIAL DAY SOCIAL DAY!!! TIME TO GET UP AND BE SOCIAL TODAY!!!!!” It didn’t actually say that but might as well have. I shut it off 3 times. I dragged myself off of my sofa, put on my running gear and headed out to Jersey City.  Its like a 25 minute train ride HOWEVER my dumb ass got off at the WRONG STOP!!! **face palm** That meant I had to take a taxi to the venue!!! That was 10 bucks!!! Anyway I made it there and it was FLIPPIN COLD! I saw my run buds Hershey, Crystal, Mark,  Kristine and Jen. I drop my bag at bag check and hurry to get in line because well… I was late and needed to get a move on. I didn’t even have time to stretch!!

On my way to Jersey

Stretching didn’t matter because I ran the race and completed every obstacle there was!!! I had trouble on one and that was the inverted wall. I got stuck and couldn’t pull my body over. This random guy offered to help and here is what happened

Guy: Do you need some help?

Me: Yeh. Im stuck. Just give me a boost over.

Guy: **Runs to get behind me** Ummm where do you want me to uhhh. How do I push?

Me: Just push my butt!

Guy: I uhhh. Umm are you sure?? I uhh…


He pushed me over and all went well. I made the rig for the most part and did rope climb!!! YES!!! Freaking sandbag carry weighed a TON!!!! But I FINISHED!!! For a second I thought of doing a second lap… and then said “NOPE” Weeeellll Crystal found me and said “Run a second lap.Come on. We are lining up in 15 minutes” Well damn. I couldn’t punk out so I ran lap two… or walked. I walked a lot of lap two. My body was hurting and my knee was KILLING ME!!!! Obstacles and pavement do NOT agree with my body AT ALL.  I finished lap two and guess who I saw at the end?? CARMEN and CISCO!!!! Now these two are a part of the small group of people I enjoy being around AND they love donuts as much as I do!!! YES Y’ALL!!!

Walked or should I say LIMPED away with two medals!!!

I hung out for a little bit and then said “ehhh let me head home so I can take a quick nap”… I didn’t nap. You know what I did?? I went and gorged on AAAAALLLL of the fried food with my old childhood friend Angela and her husband. When I say we ate AAAALLLLLL of the fried food… we tried some of everything that was fried and turned our noses up to anything that looked Remotely healthy!! “Oh that has veggies??? NEEEXXT!!” “That one is deep fried in crisco?? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!! LORD JESUS THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING!!!” Sitting and laughing with these two was so much fun and it was just like old times!!! We laughed at the same shit we used to laugh about as little pip squeak kids.

I hated to say goodbye to these two but they had naps to catch up on and I had a date with my shower, sofa and hallmark channel. You ever taken a shower and just turned on the hot water?? No cold water mixed in?? That shower was like FIRE and I LOVED IT!!!! OH MAH GAH!!! I threw on my trusty sweats and proceeded to lay spread eagle on my sofa. The only things I could move were my fingers to change the channel and I was able to turn my head… Thats IT!!! 8p hits and I hit snooze on my phone. 815 comes around and I snooze again. Finally 830 comes and I had to roll myself off of my sofa and struggle into a pair of jeans and a sweater. I fluffed my hair, painted my face and hit the subway because IT WAS CHELSEA’S BIRTHDAY and no way in hell was I missing that!!! I limped all the way to the train, and all the way to the karaoke bar. I am so damn happy that I went. I laughed non stop. I didn’t get on stage (stage fright) but I did plenty of dancing and singing from my seat at our table area. SUCH A GREAT NIGHT!!!

The party ended for me around 1. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home!!! I made it home around 2 and CRASHED… on my sofa. I did not wash my face or tie my hair up. I barely made it out of my clothes and into sweats. I face planted on my sofa and didn’t wake until around 9ish. Even then… I just moved my fingers to turn on the TV and turned my head to see because… GOLDEN GIRLS!!! Im so sorry but that show is LEGIT!!!! I can watch it all damn day!!!! Around 3 I decided enough was enough and it was time to clean. So I Cleaned my apartment and folded the Mount Fuji of laundry. Then I went back to face plant on my sofa. Nowhere in that time span did I attempt to brush my teeth, shower or comb my hair. I looked like an abused barbie doll and gave ZERO CRAPS about it!!!!! HAHAHAHA!


So Friday I flew to Houston. I popped two Advil PM’s about an hour before the flight so I was good and sleepy for boarding. I lasted maybe 2 minutes of the safety demo before it was lights out. Not just any lights either… Zipped my hoodie up to my nose and pulled my hat over my eyes. GAME. OVER!!!

So maybe half way through the flight we hit turbulence. Not just any turbulence but the MOTHER of all!!! My chocolate life flashed behind my closed eyes and I woke(eyes still closed) to say a really long prayer. I just knew I was DONE!! I had that “So this is how Im going out Lord??” moments. I prayed that the rain would stop enough for me to race the following day. IT DID… Sort of. There was a steady drizzle that would not let up.

Saturday morning I woke earlier than  I was supposed to and then had the breakfast of champs while in full race gear. I drove to the race venue and the rain got a little heavier… but it wasn’t cold so I didnt care!!! IMG_3480When I run I run for a reason. I have a cause. I run for Black Lives Matter. Im black and my life matters. I run for the lives lost. I run for the innocent lives taken. I run for those who were not given a chance.  I will always run for BLM and I will never change that. I got out there and give everything that I have for those who can’t. I went out there PUMPED the hell up. I had my earbuds in blasting Hamilton Mixtape. I was in full gear and I was READY!!! I checked everything in, cut on my camera and said “LETS DO THIS!!!” I hit the first wall and my feet slipped from under me. SHIT!!! I’m going to die on this course!!! That was my thought. I normally have no problems with walls. I have this technique where I use my freakishly long legs to get over every wall… It didnt work this time!!! I was being taken down a peg at every turn. The air was thick with humidity, everything was slick with thick mud. There were no traction, no grip… NOTHING!!! I didnt stop though. I pushed myself.  failed four obstacles! Thats 120 freaking burpees!!! Do you know how long its been since I have had to do more than 60 burpees?!?!?!?! I failed monkey bars which I never fail. I failed some new wall thing. I failed spear throw… Now I actually nailed it but it fell out. Talk about PISSED OFF!!! I also failed the rig. I nailed everything else though. I thought rope was going to give me some issues but I made it up with no problems. The only problem was trying to get down without getting rope burn on my legs. I have never been so happy to see a fire pit in my life!!! Oh it was greatness!!! Yesterday humbled me and my OCR game. It took me down a few notches and I am ok with that because anybody can get comfortable and cocky. God has a way of saying  “Hold up heffa… Let me put you in check really fast.” He put me in check. I DID finish in a faster time than last year. I clocked 1:38. I was number 300 something out of over 800 women!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?!? Thats grease lightning in my book!!!

After the race I hung out with an old friend who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. We laughed, talked shit, and it was amazing. Then I showered… And got all of the crap off of me and met up with a friend from my running group. That resulted in more laughs, and light hearted conversation about everything from racing, to politics, to farting… when its not really a fart. I crashed around midnight and woke up this morning with a purpose… SHIPLEY DONUTS!!! I found my donut haven

I got to hang out with another old friend and have an amazing time  before heading out to the airport. My body you guys… my body hurts like it has never hurt before. I think every muscle that I have is rebelling against me right now. It hurt to lift my arms going through TSA. It hurt to hobble away. It hurt to take my shoes off and on. It hurts to breathe!!! Lord Jesus  give my body some rest. I just popped two Advil PMs because I am looking to zip this hoodie back up and sleep the entire flight. I am sitting in the very back of the plane of a full flight. I don’t want to be bothered.