Challenge Accepted

Whats up blogging world?!?!?!?!?!?! Guess wha???t I had two challenges this weekend. One was running the City Challenge in Jersey City. Two was going out with friends. Friday I made it home from work and IMMEDIATELY chugged two giant margaritas and followed that with a GIANT plate of nachos. It was totally called for. I spent Friday night doing laundry and watching sappy hallmark movies. Saturday morning rolls around and my alarm is screaming “SOCIAL DAY SOCIAL DAY!!! TIME TO GET UP AND BE SOCIAL TODAY!!!!!” It didn’t actually say that but might as well have. I shut it off 3 times. I dragged myself off of my sofa, put on my running gear and headed out to Jersey City.  Its like a 25 minute train ride HOWEVER my dumb ass got off at the WRONG STOP!!! **face palm** That meant I had to take a taxi to the venue!!! That was 10 bucks!!! Anyway I made it there and it was FLIPPIN COLD! I saw my run buds Hershey, Crystal, Mark,  Kristine and Jen. I drop my bag at bag check and hurry to get in line because well… I was late and needed to get a move on. I didn’t even have time to stretch!!

On my way to Jersey

Stretching didn’t matter because I ran the race and completed every obstacle there was!!! I had trouble on one and that was the inverted wall. I got stuck and couldn’t pull my body over. This random guy offered to help and here is what happened

Guy: Do you need some help?

Me: Yeh. Im stuck. Just give me a boost over.

Guy: **Runs to get behind me** Ummm where do you want me to uhhh. How do I push?

Me: Just push my butt!

Guy: I uhhh. Umm are you sure?? I uhh…


He pushed me over and all went well. I made the rig for the most part and did rope climb!!! YES!!! Freaking sandbag carry weighed a TON!!!! But I FINISHED!!! For a second I thought of doing a second lap… and then said “NOPE” Weeeellll Crystal found me and said “Run a second lap.Come on. We are lining up in 15 minutes” Well damn. I couldn’t punk out so I ran lap two… or walked. I walked a lot of lap two. My body was hurting and my knee was KILLING ME!!!! Obstacles and pavement do NOT agree with my body AT ALL.  I finished lap two and guess who I saw at the end?? CARMEN and CISCO!!!! Now these two are a part of the small group of people I enjoy being around AND they love donuts as much as I do!!! YES Y’ALL!!!

Walked or should I say LIMPED away with two medals!!!

I hung out for a little bit and then said “ehhh let me head home so I can take a quick nap”… I didn’t nap. You know what I did?? I went and gorged on AAAAALLLL of the fried food with my old childhood friend Angela and her husband. When I say we ate AAAALLLLLL of the fried food… we tried some of everything that was fried and turned our noses up to anything that looked Remotely healthy!! “Oh that has veggies??? NEEEXXT!!” “That one is deep fried in crisco?? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!! LORD JESUS THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING!!!” Sitting and laughing with these two was so much fun and it was just like old times!!! We laughed at the same shit we used to laugh about as little pip squeak kids.

I hated to say goodbye to these two but they had naps to catch up on and I had a date with my shower, sofa and hallmark channel. You ever taken a shower and just turned on the hot water?? No cold water mixed in?? That shower was like FIRE and I LOVED IT!!!! OH MAH GAH!!! I threw on my trusty sweats and proceeded to lay spread eagle on my sofa. The only things I could move were my fingers to change the channel and I was able to turn my head… Thats IT!!! 8p hits and I hit snooze on my phone. 815 comes around and I snooze again. Finally 830 comes and I had to roll myself off of my sofa and struggle into a pair of jeans and a sweater. I fluffed my hair, painted my face and hit the subway because IT WAS CHELSEA’S BIRTHDAY and no way in hell was I missing that!!! I limped all the way to the train, and all the way to the karaoke bar. I am so damn happy that I went. I laughed non stop. I didn’t get on stage (stage fright) but I did plenty of dancing and singing from my seat at our table area. SUCH A GREAT NIGHT!!!

The party ended for me around 1. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home!!! I made it home around 2 and CRASHED… on my sofa. I did not wash my face or tie my hair up. I barely made it out of my clothes and into sweats. I face planted on my sofa and didn’t wake until around 9ish. Even then… I just moved my fingers to turn on the TV and turned my head to see because… GOLDEN GIRLS!!! Im so sorry but that show is LEGIT!!!! I can watch it all damn day!!!! Around 3 I decided enough was enough and it was time to clean. So I Cleaned my apartment and folded the Mount Fuji of laundry. Then I went back to face plant on my sofa. Nowhere in that time span did I attempt to brush my teeth, shower or comb my hair. I looked like an abused barbie doll and gave ZERO CRAPS about it!!!!! HAHAHAHA!


Rambling… Try to follow… or Not

This weekend was amazing for me. AMAZING!!! Friday I straight CHILLED!!! I twisted my hair and used rollers and watched movies and drank!!! I can’t even remember if I ate a meal!!! HAHAHA!! Saturday starts with coffee, Golden Girls, and a LOT of bacon. It was then followed by an awesome meet up with my community group. How awesome to talk about race, religion and politics and nobody left with a busted face!!! Saturday night was a toss up between being social or staying home and basically sitting in my mind. I decided to be social. Being social included going to an awesome concert with some friends from church. One of the best concerts I have been to in a long time. Like Sho Baraka ranked up there with Esperanza Spalding. It was that good!!! Sunday was a day of  love for me. I’ll explain later if I have time. I got a lot of revelation this weekend. How?? Let me explain.

Rolled hair
Face mask and rollers… real adulting right here
CONCERT.My hair was still in rollers… Just hidden under the head wrap 🙂

1. people are always so surprised when I explain that I am very introverted. I have no problem keeping to myself and leaving the world behind. I have no problem living in my thoughts and imagination. No problem at all. I am extroverted with those that I know but for the most part Im pretty happy keeping to myself. Sometimes I have a really snarky smart ass sense of humor(sometimes means ALL THE TIME) and will tell anyone ” I do not like people.” In a way it’s the truth. I do not have many friends and I am uncomfortable in large groups of people. I can like you and not like you at the same time. Does that make sense?? So allllllllll weekend I have been thinking about this. Why am I like this?? Why do I say this about myself? Why is it the first thing that I tell people? Here is my conclusion. Me liking to be by myself and telling people right off the bat “I do not like people” is a way to protect myself from getting hurt or from hurting others. It is a way for me to not get attached.  I feel like I lose everything that I attach myself to so why waste the time?? God is working with me on this. Writing about it and putting it out there is a huge help because I am not holding it in. Im admitting it. Now I just have to continue to work on it. Because even though I want to meet my Mr. Right… I’m setting myself up to NOT meet him. I am basically putting it out in the universe that I want to be alone. In all honesty I do not want to be alone. I don’t want to be watching reruns of Golden Girls for the rest of my days!!!

2. One of the things that me and a friend talked about was how horrible I am with saving money. I AM HORRIBLE!! You know how fat my savings account should be?? It should be STACKED!!! I should be sitting pretty. Im not. Why?? Whats the root of this?? Dig Khrys Dig. Every big ass bonus that I have gotten has basically gone to a moving. I have moved like 4 times in less that 3 years. First last and deposit for apartments here are a MUTHA F*&^*#(% Im just saying. But thats not the sole reason.  I start off great!!! I get a huge chunk saved and then for some reason I have to dig into it… I calculated wrong and came up short somewhere when trying to budget and had to dig. Well when you dig once… you do it again and again and again. I also have this thing of feeling left out. I wasn’t a super social child and wasn’t included in a lot of stuff that my friends or what other kids got to do. Im like this 35 year old kid making up for lost time. Basically have the “Screw it you only live once” mentality… and there goes that chunk of money. I’m trying to fix this too!!

3. Love… Love love love!!! Love is something that everyone wants to experience. This weekend was LOVE for me. The tiny groups of people in my life… LOVE… all love. That little hard thug shell that I have around myself is slowly peeling away. Why?? Because of love. Its not easy. I’m not giving up my thug shell without a fight BUT the layers are SLOWLY peeling away. The man that is able to break through or reach me when that last layer is gone is going to be ONE LUCKY MAN!!! I have a lot to offer the world around me and one day I won’t be afraid. One day…

Back At It

Soooooo my two weeks of leave have…well… left. HAHAHA!!! Today was my first day back to work. You all know that I was off for two weeks due to surgery. For like 9 days it was taking everything my mom had to keep my hyper active ass STILL. The last 4 days she could not MOVE me off of my sofa. It was like my body said “Yooooooo. Im getting the hang of this ‘do nothing ish’… YES HONEY!!!!! This is what true laziness feels like” I was able to get up this morning and get the ball rolling. I hit snooze 3 times but I got up eventually and was out of the door in record time (after I sat for 15 minutes sleep while sitting up). I get to work and hit the ground running. I was super excited to see my kiddos and they were just as excited to see me. The day was going GREAT… and then I dropped my phone while picking Superman up from school and the whole thing shattered. Like the screen won’t even display anything. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! So needless to say I have an appointment with Apple tomorrow. So after my mini phone melt down I took Superman to swim lessons. I LOVE swim lessons because  his swim teacher is  EYE CANDY!!!! I never hear what the teacher is saying because my eyes are always glued to his muscles that flex through his swim shirt. OHHH MAH GAH!!! Well today I tried to stay focused on watching Superman swim… I really tried… my eye lids had other plans though. Thats right people I straight slept through half of lil mans class!!! COULD NOT KEEP MY EYES OPEN!!!! And then when I kind of woke up a lady was asking what hair products I used because she liked my fro. I gave her a blank stare for a minute because I had just woken up for a 2 minute doze. HAHAHA!!!! The rest of the day was awesome!!! Now Im sitting here with a killer headache because I haven’t eaten and I didn’t drink any coffee today. What am I going to do about it?? Im going to eat this pizza, take a shower, pop two Advil PMs and call it a night!!! Lets hope the rest of the week goes smooth.